Welcome To I Heart LOA!

I am so glad that you found my lil corner of the internet where I talk about all things Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Manifesting & Creating the Life that you have been dreaming of..

Welcome to I Heart LOA


*My main goal for this site is to inform & inspire you!*

I am making it my mission to help as many people as I possibly can learn new tips & techniques to up-level their life and change it for the better.


On this site you will learn:

  • how to intentionally use the Law of Attraction in your life every single day
  • how to up-level your finances
  • how to get rid of that scarcity mindset and start being abundant in everything you do/have
  • how to manifest and change your belief system
  • how to get rid of those limiting beliefs that are hindering you from finding your true purpose in life


If you don’t know who I am, my name is Amy and I am the Blogger behind I Heart LOA!

A Pic of my with my vision board


I have been blogging for over 3+ years now. I started off on Blogger (a free site) because I wasn’t sure of myself and if I would stick with it. But, 3+years later and I am still obsessed! My journey began with me blogging about planners and blogging about working third shift. Then as I started learning more about the Law of Attraction, I started blogging more about it. But it didn’t fit in with my old blog..

Enter new blog. New life. My life started changing because of the Law of Attraction. I changed on the inside! I became more positive & optimistic about my life! LOA opened the door to my spiritual awakening.

It has helped me find my true passion & purpose in life. So I am on a mission to help other people learn that they can change their circumstances in life. No matter what your background. No matter what your money situation. No matter where you come from! Doing the “inner” work has changed my “outer” world. And I know that by talking about my journey and experiences, it will help you do your own “inner” work so that you can change your reality too!! Just like I did!

So with that being said have a look around. Browse some articles. Find me on social media. Facebook or Instagram

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To help you get to know “my story” you can watch a video I made for the post Manifesting With Gratitude My Story.

This will help you to learn how I started manifesting a better life for myself. This video just touches the surface, I haven’t gone into great detail but just trying to show you how YOU TOO can use gratitude along with the Law of Attraction to manifest a better life for yourself!

All of the articles on this site are taken from my personal experiences!

I was so skeptical when I first heard about LOA but now I am a believer! I KNOW that if you want a better life you HAVE to change on the inside. I know that if you want abundance in your life that you have to get out of that scarcity mindset.

I know all of this because I said “Enough is enough! There has to be more to life than this!”

And I decided to do something about it!

If you have ever felt like or said:

  • enough is enough
  • if you are tired of feeling like your life is going nowhere.
  • you are struggling to get by.
  • you are just surviving and not really living your life

Then you have come to the right place to get the tools you need to help you change your life!!!

I hope you enjoy the posts. And if you do please feel free to share them out! I would love to connect with you today! So subscribe to my blog to stay in touch with me. And let’s start manifesting a better life for YOU!!



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