5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn’t Shown Up Yet

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn’t Shown Up Yet

What do you do when your manifestation hasn’t shown up yet? It’s something you want so badly but it still isn’t happening??? WTF! You said this Law of Attraction stuff works, but here we are and it’s still hasn’t come yet! Have you ever said that to yourself? If so, then you need to keep reading this post..

Hey guys! And thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Amy and I am the blogger behind I Heart LOA. I love talking about the Law of Attraction & Manifesting. Anything personal development you will find it here!

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5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting!

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Why Hasn’t My Manifestation Come Yet?

Oh lord have I ever said those words before. And I kinda figured that if I had said that to myself, then I’m sure you have too!

You’ve been doing all that you have been told to do. And still nothing! What gives?

You do all the things:

  • decide what it is that you want to manifest
  • set your intention out loud
  • visualize yourself with the thing
  • say positive affirmations till you are blue in the face
  • practice gratitude even when you don’t feel like it
  • release and let it go (oh but if it were only that easy)

Well Actually It Is, But You’re Getting In Your Own Way & Stopping Your Manifestation From Happening

When things seem hard, it’s only because you are making them out to be hard in your own mind. Things are only as hard or easy as you make them out to be. You have to realize that. And I had to, too. It took me a total shift in mindset to realize that I was the one making my life harder than what it really had to be. I was the one that was making myself struggle because that was all I had seen as a child growing up.

If your manifestation hasn’t come yet, it is probably due to any of the following things.

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting!

To Manifest, You Have To BE That Which You Want To Manifest

I want to point you to this post that I wrote months ago Manifesting Does Not Have To Be Hard

In that post, I left a little food for thought. And this is what I said, “Have you ever really looked at the word behave? What does BEHAVE mean?”

It means to act or react under given circumstances.

Let’s break that word down. Be Have. To Be is To Have. That is the way that I see that word!  The way we are being is attracting that which we are having.

Usually, when my manifestation hasn’t shown up yet, I know that I am doing something that is stopping it from coming to me. And especially when it’s something that I want so bad, that I feel like if I don’t get this thing either to show up or happen to me, then I am never gonna get it. And that is when I realize that I need to really do some inner work!

So Here Are My 5 Tips To Help You Manifest What You Want When You Feel Like It’s Just Not Gonna Happen!


1. When You Feel Like You Are So Attached To The Outcome: Find A Way To Detach!

If this is something that you want with all your heart and soul, and you think about it constantly, you are going to have to find a way to detach from the outcome! I know that is easier said than done. Why do I know this? Because that is what’s stopping my manifestation from happening right now this very moment! I live and breath this one thing. And when I have to make myself go about my day without having this thing, it gets to be really disheartening! And that is when I also realize that I am standing in my own way and need to continue doing the “inner work.” It’s a total lifestyle change.

So how do you let go of something that you want so badly? When you are constantly asking again and again for the same thing, this just shows your lack of the thing. This doesn’t show that you are believing you are going to receive it. It just manifests more lack. Which totally sucks, right?

I love this quote from Abraham Hicks

If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: You are spending more time focused on its absense than you are about its presence.  ~Abraham Hicks

So, by focusing on the lack of rather than the presence of, you are only going to attract more lack into your life.

Make yourself focus on the presence of this thing being in your life! See it, feel it, know it’s in your life and it will be! I have to remind myself to do this too!

2. Start Showing Trust and Faith In God That He Will Give You Your Hearts Desires

And remember to let go of the control of having to have this thing now! You have to learn to practice patience and show faith. Start believing to the very core of you, that the dream inside of you is real. And that it was put there for a reason.

When you truly believe that, then and only then, will you start seeing signs that your manifestation is on it’s way to you! (I see signs all the time! Which I will talk about in another post! And so many opportunities have come to me since I truly started believing in my higher power and in myself as well!)

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting

3. Stop Letting Your Inner Critic Talk You Out Of Acting On Your Dreams

And talk you into believing that you aren’t good enough to have what you are dreaming of. That is flight or fight mode that our ego is always in. It wants you to stay comfortable and to not make a fool of yourself in front of others!

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting

Really?? Come on ego, get outta my way! I’m gonna do this thing and I don’t give a flying fig what anyone else thinks or if I might make a fool out of myself! If it makes your soul sing then do it. Don’t die with your dream still inside of you! (Wayne Dyer quotes are always playing inside my head!)

4. Take Inspired Action

When you get those nudges to do something. That is coming from your intuition, your soul!! So when you feel nudges, embrace them and do whatever you feel pulled to do!

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting

5. Stop reacting to all the negative bs that is going on around you.

Whether that be in your home or at work. Don’t let other people’s negativity pull you into their drama. This will only do you harm. And it will start you on a path of negative thoughts and actions.

5 Reasons Your Manifestation Hasn't Shown Up Yet. And what you can do about it. Come on over to read the post and watch the video. Let's get to manifesting

When someone at work or home is complaining about this or that and you start complaining with them, this is just amplifying that negative vibration! We don’t want to amplify anything negative. If you can over-ride that feeling with something positive instead of negative you won’t just bring your vibrations up, you will help to pull them up too!

And motivation is contagious! There is nothing better than helping someone else by bringing them up instead of down!!! And this is an awesome cycle to start! So instead of wallowing around in negativity, use your positive attitude to brighten someone else’s day! And your’s as well!

Final Note:

The best thing that I have used as far as manifesting goes is gratitude. And I know I preach that over & over. But by being grateful for every little thing that you have or have in your life, you are truly changing your mindset & your perspective on life.

When you can change how you see the world around you that is when you will truly start to see opportunity and new experiences come into your life. You will have hope & optimism for your future. And then your eyes will open up to the fact that anything is truly possible!

Have faith in yourself and your higher power! If God brought you to it, He will bring you thru it. And when you do have bad experiences or when you do something that is against your intuition, start to ask yourself what can I learn from this experience?? What is the lesson here that I am meant to learn so that I can go on to bigger and better things in my life?

Another thing that I have been thinking about when it comes to what I like to call “The Big Manifestations.”

Ask yourself,  ” How can I break this big goal down into smaller goals that I know I can reach a lot faster?”

I think when you look at the big picture that is when you start to doubt that you can actually achieve the goal, but if you learn to break it down into smaller goals, that it will seem a lot easier to you! Just something to think on when you are trying to manifest something that you want so bad.

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

And I hope it has helped you when it comes to manifesting! Remember that it is up to you how easy or hard it is. It’s all about how you feel, how you think, act & how you believe! So KNOW that what you want, wants you right back! And that dream in your heart is there for a reason! So get on with it already! Share your gifts with the world because the world needs you!

Till next time,





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  1. Victoria L Cook says:

    I’ve actually heard the opposite of the breaking down thing. I’ve always heard you should go to your “end result” when manifesting. The smaller steps are the “how”.

    1. Hey Victoria,
      Thanks for stopping by the blog and leaving a comment! I have also heard of go to your end result and work your way backward. Is that what you mean? What I meant in my post, is that if your dream or what you want to manifest seems overwhelming to you, then just break it down into smaller goals. Anyway, this is just my opinion and what helps me with the big manifestations! Have a great day!

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