A Super Easy Way To Meditate

If you have ever had trouble trying to still your mind and meditate. Like me. lol then keep reading this post!

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A Super Easy Way To Meditate. Come on over to watch the video. It's makes meditation so much easier. I know it did for me. Click to learn more.

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A Super Easy Way To Meditate

Last week I made a video for you guys telling you about my thoughts on my spiritual awakening and I mentioned this new (to me) way of meditating that I had been introduced to that was actually working for me.

Since then, I have made you a quick little video that you can watch and see if this will help you to make meditation an everyday practice for you!!

Here’s How To Do It.

*Disclaimer: I cannot take credit for this meditation. I learned this meditation from an online workshop that I am taking. The teacher of the workshop is Lisa Vaz. She is awesome. And you can find her on Facebook if you are interested in learning more about her and her teachings. As I learn more from Lisa, I will let you know. But she goes under The Magik Mentor. And she is just amazing. And I think you will like her.. So go check her out! You can find her Facebook Page by clicking the link here The Study Of Reality*

Here is the video. It’s only like 3 mins. I tried to make it as short and sweet as I could. I know my videos tend to run long as I am a newbie to making videos. So thank you so much for taking the time to watch them! I really appreciate it..

 For all my subscribers, I hope you enjoy the video.. And let me know if this has been an easy way for you to start meditating!! I know it has for me! And I can’t wait to make meditation an everyday practice & habit!! 

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What I learn I share with the world. Because to me, that is the easiest way to learn. By doing and then showing others or sharing information. That is how I learned what I have learned. By watching people that were just a little bit ahead of me in their spiritual journey. And listening to the information that they were telling me! I am still learning! 

You might be farther in your spiritual journey than I am. And think what an amateur.

Or you might be just learning some of these things.. Whatever the case is for you, either way, it’s ok. Because you are right where you are supposed to be.

A Super Easy Way To Meditate. Come on over to watch the video. It's makes meditation so much easier. I know it did for me. Click to learn more.


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