10 Uplifting Affirmations To Help Fight Stress

Are you feeling stressed out & overwhelmed? Need a little pick me up? I put together this list of 10 Affirmations that you can read every day to help remind yourself of WHO YOU ARE.

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Are you feeling stressed out & overwhelmed? Need a little pick me up? I put together this list of 10 Affirmations that you can read every day to help remind yourself of WHO YOU ARE. Click the link to read more & watch the video.

Here Are Some Affirmations That You Can Repeat To Yourself To Help You Fight Stress

*I am able to cope with anything that life throws at me.  Be the responsible person that you know yourself to be. And remind yourself that you have made it this far, you will get thru this too. You are a freakin’ BADASS. Time to prove it to yourself!

*I know that everything in life is temporary & this too shall pass. Everything in life is temporary. It all has a season to play in your life. A lesson to be learned. A moment to remember. This too shall pass.

*I am the Co-Creator of MY Universe. You are constantly creating YOUR world. Everything that you are feeling on the inside and taking action on, you are bringing into existence. You are the only one that sees the world thru your eyes. What does your world look like?

*I am a miracle of God & am here to shine my light. Be a light to others. Be positive and kind. Set the example. We are all a miracle because LIFE is a miracle. God made us each special & precious. Shine your light!

*I am proactive in my life not reactive. Being proactive means you are planning your life ahead of time. Not reacting to what life is throwing you. When you see that life is working in your favor and not against you, being proactive becomes so much easier.

*I focus on the good in everything. What you focus on expands. So focusing on the good brings more good into your life.

*I am full of love for this life & all MANKIND. Fill your heart with love. Be compassionate. We are all in this together. Show love as much as you can.

*I am stronger each & every day. What is the lesson that I can learn from this? How can I prepare & live my life NOW? Life is NOW. Not sometime in the future.. Be Here Now.

*I help by sharing my kindness & compassion with the world. When you show kindness to someone you never know how much that one act can brighten someone’s day. The world needs compassion & community. Love is all there is.

*I am one with God, the Universe & all Mankind. We are spiritually connected with each other. And now virtually connected. The energy we put out to the universe is reflected back to us. We are one with our Creator, the Universe that was created & the whole human species. We are the COLLECTIVE.

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Are you feeling stressed out & overwhelmed? Need a little pick me up? I put together this list of 10 Affirmations that you can read every day to help remind yourself of WHO YOU ARE. Click the link to read more & watch the video.

What Can You Do To Help Fight Stress?

Ask yourself questions to get thru it. 

Questions like:

  • How is this thinking helping me right now? Is it?
  • What CAN I control?
  • What is something that I can control with myself & in my family?
  • What is the worst thing that could happen?
  • How would I recover?
  • Would I be able to cope & get thru this?

I Like To Remind Myself Of What I CAN Control, Instead Of What I Can’t.

And that usually helps me to release the worry & stressful feelings that I am going thru.

When you realize that you can only control your:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Actions

it helps you to let go of the feelings that are bothering you.

There is no sense in worrying about things that are out of your control. The only thing we can do in situations like that is to be responsible for the actions we take & our feelings.

Say Affirmations To Help Feel Better During A Stressful Time

Use the list above as a starter list. Add your own affirmations to it that reflect how you want to feel.

Our emotions have a lot to do with the actions that we take. And the way we think about things creates the emotions.

So, if you choose to shift your focus onto the good instead of the bad, your thinking will change.

Use Gratitude To Help Fight Stress

I do this daily. But if you don’t, you can start off by writing down what you are grateful for.

Or even just saying them out loud.

Gratitude is the easiest way I have found to get back to happy thoughts. It will shift your whole mindset around if you make it a daily habit.

Even though you may be going thru a stressful situation right now, what are some things that you can be grateful for?

Instead Of Reverting Back To Survival Mode During Stressful Times You Want To Stay In Thrive Mode

The worst thing you can do for yourself & your family is to let any fear-based emotions take over. When we are in survival mode, we are in fight or flight mode. That is when you will start making bad decisions.

Try to stay in thrive mode and know that you are going to get thru this. And this too shall pass.

Everything in life is temporary and comes in seasons.

Remind yourself of this.

And don’t let your inner critic pull you back into survival mode. Let your intuition or higher self push you forward. Let your intuition lead your path.

*How would your higher self be acting during this crisis that we are going thru world-wide? Would she be reactive or proactive?

You decide.

I hope this article has helped you.

There are days when I start to let stressful thoughts make me feel some kind of way and I have to remind myself to break out of that thought. To let that thought go because I don’t want to go back to survival mode.

I want to work toward my higher self.

I know it takes work and sometimes it doesn’t feel easy at all..

But one thing you can control is your thinking & your emotions.. Use them for your best interest.

And don’t let yourself panic or get into fear-based thinking..

You have so got this!!

We have all got this!!

Remember we are all in this together! We are the Collective. And we are all connected spiritually!

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