Law of Attraction: A Beginner’s Guide To Manifesting

How do you manifest what you want? Why can some people manifest easily while others have a hard time? Are you new to manifesting and want to know what to do? Let’s talk about it.

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How do you manifest what you want? Why can some people manifest easily while others have a hard time? Are you new to manifesting and want to know what to do? Click the link to learn more. Let's get you manifesting today. As always there's a video included.

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When I get to thinking about my life and all the changes that I have made only 5-6 years ago sometimes I am blown away.

If you have never been to this blog before then you probably have never heard my story.

You can read more about My Story by clicking the link.

But to summarize it real quick for ya this is a general idea:

I used to be so skeptical, negative & had that victim mindset.

I blamed the world for my circumstances.

Until I got so sick of living the way I was living.

And it took me hitting my rock bottom before I finally decided that I needed to make some changes in my life. 

What did I do that helped me turn my life completely around?

I learned how to change the way I thought about everything in life. My mindset.

It all came down to my thoughts, beliefs, feelings & actions.

I learned that if I could change the way I thought about things, then I could change the results I was seeing in my everyday life.

Maybe your life isn’t going the way you thought it would be and you are having a hard time.

I know what that’s like. And I know a way out of it. I hope you enjoy this in-depth article today.

What Does Manifesting Mean?

Manifesting is to bring something that you desire from the Spiritual Realm into the Physical Realm or your physical reality.

There is a difference in to manifest something & to get something.

When you get something you just go get it. Right? Like getting something to eat. You don’t have to use your energy to get it. You just get it.

When you are manifesting something you are using the energy that you are emitting to attract it to you.

You are either experiencing the presence of the thing or the lack of the thing, right?

Low energy vibrations = lack of what you want to manifest.

High energy vibrations = presence of manifestation. (You attracted it to you)

In Manifesting, You Are Either Attracting Or Repelling.

When you are only seeing the lack of things in your life that is all you will continue to see.

Until you change your focus.

When you flip it around to focus on the presence of the thing that’s when it will appear. Because you are aiming all your energy to the presence of the thing.

Make sense?

It’s all about the ENERGY you are giving out.

I Am New To This Spiritual Stuff. How Do I Get Started Manifesting If I’m A Beginner? Where Do I Even Start?

If you are so tired of the way things are going in your life. And you are looking for answers/solutions to just change things so that you can have a lil peace in your life.

Get ready to get excited! Yes, excited!

Because here’s the thing babygirl (or boy).

Your thoughts create your reality. 

What? Yes, the thoughts that you think create your life as you go.

So that means, you have some control over your life even when you don’t feel like it at all.

There might be some things going on in your life that are out of your control BUT you do have control over these things:

  • your thoughts
  • your emotions
  • your actions

Why is that important?

Because by thinking better more positive thoughts you are going to then start feeling more positive emotions which in turn will cause you to take positive action. And the best kind of action of all= INSPIRED ACTION. (More on Inspired Action below)

Jot this equation down:



How To Get Started Manifesting For A Beginner

Ok time to get into it. I know this post is long & drawn out. But if I didn’t mention the stuff above, you would have no idea what I’m talking about.

What is the very first thing that I need to do when manifesting? 

You have to do some prep work before you get started ok.

Because you want to get your emotions and all your senses involved when you do this.

There are so many different ways to manifest something. Just search the blog for all kinds of different tips & techniques. But keep scrolling to learn the basics first. 

Get your energy & emotions up to a postive level before you start setting your intention to manifest anything.

Here’s a general idea. Prep Work:

*You need to decide/get clear on what you want.

*Then you need to make sure your energy level is up.

This is where I usually do some Gratitudes. (like Beatitudes in the Bible)

Get your energy up by doing any of these things:

  • writing down or saying what you are grateful for
  • if you’re in a great mood already go somewhere by yourself and speak out what you want
  • do something to get your emotions up as in feeling happy as F or grateful as F.
  • Pop on over to YouTube & watch some funny videos like below.

This video is not mine. I am just sharing it out. It’s hilarious. Funny Animals Life is the creator. 

After Your Energy Is Up Then You Can Ask For What You Want.

Set your intention by asking or speaking out what you want to manifest.

Yes, simply ask God/Your Higher Power for what you want.

You can be specific. I know I have manifested things into my life and I wasn’t specific enough. Like manifesting a better paying job. I got an awesome job that paid double what I was making but I was working way more than what I used to work too. 

Example: Say you want to manifest more money. Well, how much do you want & what would it’s purpose be?

What would you use it for, etc?

Don’t worry about how you’re going to get it. Just focus on how much you want & why.

2nd Step Believe That What You Want Is Already Yours.

Have you ever heard “What you want is wanting you right back?”‘

That’s because the thing you want is already yours. It’s right there in front of you. It’s in the Spiritual Realm still waiting for you to believe enough for it to appear in your Physical Reality.

But you just can’t see it yet because you are letting that negative thinking stop it from coming to you.

You are repelling it. And it’s almost within your grasp.

Having faith is a big part of manifesting. Just know that God put that desire in your heart for a reason. Now Believe it!

That’s why you want it so bad.

Instead of saying “Seeing is Believing.”

Flip that shit around and say “I believe therefore I see.”

It’s in the Bible. You can look it up. Mark 11:24 & Matthew 21:22.

And also John 20:29 He says ” Because you have seen me, you believe. Blessed are those that have not seen, yet have believed.”

I may be taking that verse out of context but to me, it gives me hope. And I believe that if you believe strong enough for something it has no choice but to show up. 

They don’t call the Bible the “Book of Life” for no reason, ya know?

3rd Step To Manifesting Is To Visualize What You Want

Use all of your emotions & senses to visualize what it would feel like if you already had that which you are manifesting.

Use the past tense to speak out how you feel about it. What is it? What is around you? How it smells? Everything.

You can find a great video that will help you with visualization here: Updated Video About Scripting To Manifest

It’s about Scripting To Manifest BUT you can use this to help you visualize if you’re not a visual person, like me. (lol)

4th Step To Manifesting Is To Take Inspired Action When You Feel The Nudges To Do Something.

Ok this is the awesome part.

You know you have to take some kind of action right to manifest what you want?

You can’t just wish for something then expect it to appear.

As you are doing this process, you will feel a nudge or nudges to do something. 

That is a sign!!!

That is your intuition guiding you. Woo-hoo!

Take that action. Don’t overthink it, just do it!

The thing about Inspired Action is this:

  • *it will feel like the next logical step or natural to you
  • *you get an excited feeling
  • *Or sometimes you will even think, where did that thought come from?

To read more on Inspired Action check this post (It’s ok you won’t lose your place, it will open up a new tab for you)

Law of Attraction & Inspired Action

5th Step To Manifesting Is To Allow Yourself To Receive.

This part you would think would be so easy. But guess what?

Alot of people have a hard time with this step.

I have done single blog posts on just this step alone because some of my readers were having a hard time opening themselves up to receive. 

How To Let Go In Order To Manifest

You have done the work & now you’re ready for it..

You have to learn to let go.

Because when you are holding onto the thought of what you are wanting so tightly you are actually repelling it. 


Because you are focusing on the lack of the thing.

Does that make sense?

You have to shift your focus on to something else.

You don’t have to let go of the desire for the thing but you do have to focus on the presence of it.

Act like you already have it. 

How would you feel?

How excited are you that you already have it?

I know acting as if sounds so superficial.

But if you go around believing & acting like it’s already yours;

Eventually, you will convince your subconscious mind that it’s true. Then it will appear so much faster.

You can use Gratitude here too if it will make it easier for ya. 

The Law of Attraction & The Power Of Gratitude

Say thank you for the things you don’t have yet, but you know it’s coming.

You are thanking God & believing strong enough that you have no doubt at all that it’s yours.

Whew! That was a long read, I know. 

I hoped this post helped you learn about manifesting for a beginner.

As you dive deeper & deeper into the Law of Attraction & Manifesting, you will learn that the LOA is just the tip of the iceberg.

I like to call it the Gateway to a Spiritual Awakening. 

Because that’s how it started for me.

I started by wanting to make some changes in my life.

What I didn’t realize the thing I needed to change was ME. 

My way of thinking was holding me back in life. And my physical reality was proof of that fact. 

Once I learned to shift my mindset & open my mind up to new things, my outer world started reflecting those changes.

And today I am such a different person than I was 6 years ago. Everything in my life has gotten better & continues to get better.

I do a lot of mindset work to help me make those changes. 

And if that sounds like something you would be interested in doing to, then follow along with me on this journey.

I will help you by teaching you what has been working for me with manifesting & the LOA.

I am passionate about helping other people change their circumstances in life.

Because that’s what happened to me. And I want that for you too, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Search & you will find. The truth is there. You just have to want to find it, ya know?

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Could you do me a favor?

If this post resonated with you, do you mind sharing it out for me? I would really appreciate that! Thanks so much! 😉

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I am a Personal Development blogger who blogs about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo. I love teaching about the mindset & helping other people overcome their circumstances & create a life they love.

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