Do You Need A Blogging Checklist For Your Blog Posts

Are you tired of spending hours on end trying to make sure you included everything in your blog post? Today I am sharing my blogging checklist that I created for you. These are the tasks that I do before I hit publish on every blog post.

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The more WOO the better I always say…

Every now & again, I like to share out blogging tips for my bloggy buds out there. Whether you are a beginner blogger or have been blogging for months we can always learn something from someone else. I like to share what works for me. And that’s what we’re doing today. You in?

*This post may contain affiliate links. To view our full Disclosure & Affiliate Policy just click the link provided. Everything that I recommend are products that I 100% love & use myself. 

Need a checklist to help you write up your blog posts fast? I documented my process as I was writing up a blog post one day to help me be able to pop out content a lot faster. Grab this checklist to help you too. It makes it so much easier. I hope you like it. Click the link for more info. Video included.

Don’t Have Time To Read? Watch This Quick Video:

Blogging Can Be Overwhelming Sometimes

Don’t let those Pinterest pins fool you. There are no get rich quick with blogging. You have to be in it for the long haul. I love blogging. It has become my passion. I would do it whether I was getting paid or not. But making money with your blog is just the icing on the cake, in my opinion.

When I was first starting out, I would spend hours & sometimes even days getting my blog posts written up. That didn’t even include making the graphics or adding the video.

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So, one day as I was putting together a post, I decided to document what I was doing so that I could pass it along to anyone that needed it.

And today I am sharing that out with you.

It’s a pretty long list. And you might even think of some things to add to it.

That’s up to you. But this is just what I do. You can do whatever you want with it.

I have put it in PDF form so that you can print it off. 

You can find that by clicking this link: Blog Post Checklist Before You Hit Publish

And just know that’s going to take you to my Google Drive ok. So it’s safe.

Here’s what it looks like:

Grab this free blog post checklist. This will help you write up your posts a lot easier & faster. Video included. Click the link for more info.

Blogging Checklist: here are the steps that I do before I hit publish

*Research: SEO Keyword

Did you research the keyword or keyphrase that you want to talk about? Make sure you have a Keyword Research Tool to help you decide on the best wording for your headline & headers.

The tool I use is a free extension from Chrome called Surfer. You can find it Google Chrome Store Surfer Extension

When you are typing in your keyword, ask yourself, would someone type my headline into Google?

*Headline: Would someone type my headline into Google?

Look at the top searches per month to the lowest. And pick one that is not too saturated that you could rank for.

Make sure your headline is clear & to the point.

And would it get people’s attention as well as make them want to click on it? Don’t be click-baity unless you can back it up. You never want to make false promises because that will just get your reader clicking off your post as fast as they clicked on it.

*Start Your Post: Ask a question to begin your post

And summarize what you will be talking about.

*Affiliate Disclosure:

Always disclose if you have ANY affiliate links in your post. This is a requirement.

I always just pop it in whether I do or not.

You never know when you might come back and add some to your post.

*Add Your First Graphic: This is Your First Pinterest Pin

Create a graphic that goes with your post. I use Canva to create all of my graphics.

From my blog post pics to my thumbnails for YouTube.

Canva is your friend. You can create so many awesome looking graphics quickly thru Canva.

When you go to create your graphic choose the Pinterest Pin size and it will be sharable for Pinterest.

This is what you want!! Your graphics enhance your post & separate large bodies of text. 

*Make Sure You Are Using H2/H3 Headers InThe Body Of The Post:

And try to add your keyword in your headers. The more you can the better. But make sure it makes sense and flows with the rest of your post.

This post, for example, doesn’t have my keyword in the H2/H3’s because that would make it sound stupid. So Yoast is gonna have to get over it this time.. lol..

(Oh yeah, make sure you are using the Yoast SEO Plug-in if you are using WordPress) 

*Can My Reader Hear My Voice:

I like to write just like I talk.

Why? Because it’s way more personal. And it lets the reader either resonate with what I’m saying or not.

It creates an image in the reader’s head of you talking to them.

I love it when a post just flows and isn’t robotic.

So if you see a “y’all” here & there or a “hey guys”, you kinda get a feel for how I talk in person..

Make sense? 

You don’t have to be all proper but Grammarly is also your friend.

I use it for everything. Even email. This keeps you from making typos.

*Outbound/Inbound Links:

Outbound links

When you are doing research for your topic, you may need to do more than just keyword research.

I mostly blog about my own personal experiences.

But if I need my reader to really be informed about something, I will link to other websites to add more expert advice than what I am giving them.

That is a good thing. Linking to other relevant blog posts is how we circulate information thru the internet. And it helps the other blogger. And maybe they will link back to you one day. 😉

Inbound Links

These are links that link back to one of your own blog posts.

Adding relevant inbound links keeps the reader engaged. And helps them find more useful information on your blog. I like to link to one in the body of my post & at the end, I will link 3-4.

And helps you with your bounce rate.

While you’re writing up your post do you need to link to any freebies or email opt-in forms? 

If so, do that too.

*Embedding Video:

Other than more graphics, what about video?

I like to add a video to almost all of my posts. Usually, I will place it right under my first image.

And this gives them an option if they don’t feel like reading a big long post.

Plus it enhances the blog post. And lets them get to know you better.

Anytime I create a video for my blog, I also share it on YouTube.

Then while I am doing that, I can grab the embed code and paste it right into my post.

*I use Screen-Cast-O-Matic to make & edit my videos. It’s really simple & easy to do. You can use a Free version or upgrade to the Pro Version for only $18 bucks a YEAR! This way you can make longer videos. Use my affiliate link to grab 20% off here: 20% off Screen-Cast-O-Matic

How to embed a video into your post?

*Alt Text & Custom URL For Graphics

I usually go ahead and write up a description for Pinterest & I put it in the Alt Txt of my graphics.

Also, use the Custom Url spot to link the graphic to the actual blog post. This way if someone clicks on your graphic from Pinterest, this will bring them right to your post.

*Add Tags

I add tags to help me keep my content separated.

My tags are:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Personal Development
  • Manifesting

These are usually your categories for your menu too.

I am getting ready to add all of my categories to my menu right now. This will make my blog more efficient for my readers. They will be able to find what they want to read a heck of a lot faster.

*Featured Image

Pick your favorite graphic from your post and make it your featured image. Add your alt txt and custom URL. This is what will show up when people land on your blog. So make sure it stands out.

*Call To Action

What do you want your reader to do when they are finished reading your post?

Ask them a question at the end to get their opinion on your topic.

Or ask them what they would do.

But always ask them to take some kind of action before they leave.

I like to ask my readers to share out my post by hitting the Pin it button. This not only helps them to remember where they found the information it helps me by sharing my post out to others.

Whew! What a long list!! And this isn’t EVEN telling you what to do after you write up the post!! 😉

When you finish make sure you promote your blog post or you are writing it up for NO REASON.

If you don’t put it out there, how will people even know it exists?

This took me a while to get the courage up to start sharing my content.

It’s scary at first. But after you get the hang of it and you realize that your not gonna have a million eyes on it anyway, it becomes a lot easier. 

It takes courage to put yourself out there on a Blog or Video. But do it anyway.

You will love it. And you don’t know who you could be helping with your words!!

NEXT: I am going to help you learn how to promote your blog posts.

So be on the lookout for that post kk. 😉

That post is up and you can find it: How To Promote Your Blog Post

Did this post help you? I hope so.

I know it helps me to have this list typed out where I can see it when I am writing up a post. It helps me to remember to put everything in there before I hit the PUBLISH button!

But if you forget something, you can always go back and add it in. Then hit UPDATE.

Remember to come back to the blog because the next post is going to be about promoting.

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