Hi guys! Thank you for coming to my site. My name is Amy and I am the blogger behind iheartloa.com

If you have ever been to my site before then you know that blogging is my passion! I live and breathe to blog! It’s something that just lights me up on the inside every time I hit publish. Whether it’s writing up articles, researching, creating beautiful images, or videos, blogging gives me purpose in life! 

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Have you ever thought about blogging?

Do you have something inside of you that you would like to share with the world? Whether it be a skill or information that could help someone, blogging is a great way to get that out to the world!

Have You Ever Dreamed Of Starting Your Own Blog? I remember when I first started blogging. All the time spent learning everything was overwhelming! That is why I am here to show you how to get setup and started today! This page is dedicated to anyone that wants to learn how to blog and start their very own blog. I will be here to help you every step of the way!

I blog about the Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Manifesting & Gratitude on my blog. As you can tell they all go hand in hand. But one thing I do know is that if you want to blog make sure that you are writing something that you are passionate about! This is what will sustain you when you feel like no one is reading your articles or watching your videos. It does take patience and hard work. But in the end, it is so worth it!

I have created this page to share out my favorite blogging resources and to add tips to help you if you are an aspiring blogger!

I know that if I can blog, so can you. I am just a regular person who works a regular job, but is so passionate about what I write about that I love to share it out! And I do invest my time when I am not at work on my blog!

And when a reader leaves me a comment or subscribes to my blog and lets me know how much I inspired them, then I know all the time & effort that went into creating the article, video, etc was totally worth it! And it just lights me up inside knowing that my little blog might help someone else!

So, with that being said I will be adding articles, videos, pdf’s, etc that will help you start blogging and stay the course!

I will help you lay down your foundation so that you start your own blog on the right foot. And so that you don’t have to try to go thru endless articles trying to learn how to do this on your own!

I remember when I first started this blog. I didn’t know the first thing about WordPress.org and it can be very daunting at first. I was blogging on Blogger then decided it was time to go pro and get my own site. I loved Blogger for the simplicity of it, but WordPress is where it’s at Y’all! If you really want to be taken seriously as a blogger then you need to get your own site! And then you can write whatever you want to and it is YOURS! You own it!

*You can find my very first attempt at blogging by clicking the link. It is my Blogger Blog Third Shift Living lol third shift living


Some of the things that I will be helping you with:

  • How to get your host and domain name. And do me a favor, do not go to Bluehost no matter what kind of discount someone is offering you! They have way too many problems on that host. I use Siteground and love it! Haven’t had a problem yet!
  • Picking a niche. And then narrowing that down until it’s something that you are totally passionate about
  • How to make beautiful images for your articles.
  • How to set up your social media accounts plus share buttons
  • How to set up your Pinterest Business account and get verified
  • Email marketing
  • How to get subscribers
  • Traffic to your blog
  • How to make awesome videos using PowerPoint and how to upload them & embed them on your blog. I use YouTube and Vimeo. Plus you can always just use PowerPoint to embed them on your site! I love using PowerPoint and if you don’t know that much about PP don’t worry, I didn’t either! But it’s really simple to use!
  • And just tips that I wish I would have known before I started my blog. I invested money in courses, ebooks, pdf’s, etc. You name it I have tried to learn how to do it. And it has cost me a good chunk of change. But if I wasn’t fully invested in myself and this blog, I would have stopped a long time ago! I know that all that I have learned on my own and thru the different courses I have taken will help you to save time & money!

Are you ready to get started learning how to start your very own blog? To be your true, authentic self while you blog? Cuz if you ain’t real. Nobody is going to listen to you or give you the time of day!

Be you! Be authentic. And your “tribe” will find you!

I hope you will come back to learn more about blogging. And if you aren’t into that, hit the blog button and learn about the Law of Attraction & Manifesting! wink, wink 😉

Make sure you bookmark this page or save it to Pinterest! Because we are gonna get to work and get your blog up and running for YOU!

There will be updates to this page as I grow the information that I will be giving you!