Creating Space For New Manifestations To Come In

How do you create space for new manifestations to come into your life? Energy needs to move & it needs the space to do so.. This and more today on the blog.

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Creating Space For New Manifestations To Come In

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Energy needs to move. And it needs the space to do so.

Think of it like trying to fit more clothes into a closet that is already stuffed to the gills. You have to take some out in order to put more in. Or receive more. Does that make sense?

So let’s get started. What do you need to let go of or get rid of in order to receive your manifestations??

Here are some examples:

If you are wanting more money to flow to you, what do you need to clear up so that you can create more space for that energy called money?

  • Clean out your wallet.
  • Clean out your purse. Create space for the money manifestation to come in.
  • Clear up the spot where you sit to pay your bills. Make it friendly and fun. So that you are not creating a place of dread every week. Make it cute and a fun place to sit while you pay those services their due.

Don’t think about bills as something bad.

Think of your outgoing bills as services rendered that deserve to get paid.

  • Your internet bill
  • your cell phone bill
  • light bill
  • rent, etc.

You would not have all of these awesome things if you didn’t pay for them.

And you need to start thinking of your bills as something good. That way it doesn’t bring you down.

And you can create awesome energy around them.

Lovingly pay your bills. Be grateful for the services they offer.

If you are wanting to manifest more love in your life what do you need to clear up? If you live by yourself, you could-

  • create space in your bed for your new love. Sleep on one side of the bed and make sure to leave room on the other side for your new love that is manifesting.
  • create space in your bathroom by clearing off shelves and making them available for your new love.
  • clear off a portion of your desk so that you are creating space for his/her stuff to go there.
  • emotionally clear your mind of any past relationships and don’t let issues of the past come into this new relationship. Forgive your old relationship and LET IT GO! It won’t have power over you anymore if you forgive that person and let them go in your mind, to find the love that they deserve too! (Because we all deserve to be loved & give love)

These are just some examples of what you can do to create space.

Think of what is filling up your life that no longer serves you?

Whether it be friends, a job, past relationships, etc.  Here are some steps that you can go by until you can do this on your own.

  • Think of what it is that you want to manifest. Do you have room for it in your life today? If not, then you need to do some clearing & cleaning up. What do I need to let go of in order to create space for something awesome to come in??
  • Think of your physical space. Do you have room for what it is that you want? If not, then get up and start going thru some things that you can get rid of and free your space up for your new manifestation to come in!
  • Your mental & emotional space. Do you have time for your manifestation? If it is love that you are creating space for, are you emotionally available for another person? Are you ready to share your life with them?
  • Do you make time for yourself? Take 5-10 mins or however long you want to meditate or to just sit quietly. This will clear up room in your mind for new ideas, new thoughts, etc.

When you start to create space you are able to see more opportunities that are available to you.

Creating Space For New Manifestations To Come In. Energy needs to move and it needs the room to do so. It's like trying to stuff clothes into a closet that is already packed full! It needs room to move! Come on over and read just how to create space so that your manifestations can come to you!

Isn’t that an awesome thought?

Do you want new opportunities? I know I do! So what I’ve learned is that the more room I make in my life, the more “things” come to me! Whether they be an opportunity, experience, money, etc. I love receiving! And I bet you do too. But we want to receive what is for our highest good, right?

So you need to ask yourself the next time you purchase something or bring something into your home or life.

Is this for my highest good?

Is this going to make me feel good?

Do I feel good about myself when I wear this?

Does this piece of furniture make me feel good when I look at my living space?

Does this person make me feel good inside? Are they hurting me or uplifting me?

It’s goes for any and everything that you bring into your personal space. Whether it be your mind or your workspace. You want to be uplifted.

And the more you feel good, the more you attract good!

And don’t just think of the receiving part of manifesting. When you are letting go of “things” in order to receive more things, yes you are creating space.

But what about giving? What have you done today to give to someone else?

There is always a give & take in life.

Are you a giver or a taker?

We don’t want to be known as just a taker, do we?

So in order to keep the flow of giving and taking going, what can you give to someone else today?

It doesn’t have to be something physical.

It can be a kind word or a compliment.

Something that is going to uplift someone else.

You are still on the receiving end of this too, because when you give it lights you up inside and makes you feel good!! 

Ok, that’s all I’ve got today for this post.

Let me know you stopped by. Say hi in the comments.

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Today we're talking about creating space for new manifestations to come in. Some things you can do to your home, in your life & also in your mind. Remember energy needs to move. And it needs the space to do so. Click the link for more info. As always there is a video included.

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  1. Very great advice. I have so much to clear out.

    1. Hey Valarie! Thank you for taking the time to comment! I am so glad you liked the post! I am constantly asking myself does this “item” still serve me? And just get rid of any and everything that no longer serves my life right now! Sometimes “things” carry negative energy in our homes when we don’t even know it. And energy needs the room to move! And the space to do so! So I am so glad that you are starting your “clearing!” You will feel so much better afterward! I know I did! Good luck! And I hope you come back to visit the blog!! Thanks again for commenting! That lights me up inside!


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