Creating An Awesome Daily Routine For Your Spiritual Journey

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to managing your time? Trying to live your life intentional and manifest what you want? Are you all over the place when it comes to home & work life? I hear ya! Let’s get organized & create an awesome routine to help ground us in our spirituality!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming over to the blog. If you don’t know who I am or you are new to the blog ~ WELCOME!~ My name is Amy & I am the blogger behind I Heart LOA. This is where we talk about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo!

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I am so excited that you are here!!! I have noticed a steady increase in traffic over to the blog and that just lights me the hell up so much! You don’t even know!!!! I am sitting here smiling from ear to ear as I write this blog post today.

Having a hard time managing your time? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you all over the place when it comes to your home & work life? It's time to create a new daily routine that is going to help you stay grounded and get stuff done. Click the link to learn more!

If you are new to the blog I am so glad that you decided to join our LOA Family! This is the place where we talk about the Law of Attraction & all the woo-woo baby! 

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Life is Bizzy!!!

If you are anything like me, you stay busy pretty much all the time with work and home life. Am I right?

I don’t know about you but my life has become one big routine of getting the kids up & off to school in the mornings then coming back and going to work myself for the rest of the day..

It has been so busy around my house lately that it’s just been one big BLUR!

I haven’t even had the time to send an email out in almost a month!!!! And that is so so so not me!

I live for my subscribers. I live for my blog. 

And I think I have just let my job take over my life. I have been working a lot of overtime lately. And I have been training in new areas at work that is getting me closer to full-time and more $$$$$ money honey.

Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify. ~Henry David Thoreau

That part is good BUT it has left me totally exhausted.. And well the creative side of me has taken a backseat to my J-O-B if you know what I mean. 

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t prioritize and create a routine that is going to help me & you get grounded again.. And make our spiritual practice into an awesome routine.

Are you with me???? Let’s do this!

Let’s Get Our S.H.I.T Together GF

Ok y’all let’s get our shit together.

First things first. Write down everything that you want to include in your spiritual practice.

Your list could look like this:

  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Journaling
  • Prayer
  • Mantra & Chanting
  • Yoga
  • Setting Your Intention For The Day
  • Writing a Want-To-Do-List
  • Writing a Want-To-Watch List
  • Gratitude
  • Saging the House
  • Affirmations
  • Morning Coffee, Tea or Matcha
  • Writing Down Your Goals
  • Lighting Candles
  • You get where I am going with this?

Creating A Daily Routine Is Going To Help Make Your Spiritual Practice Into A Habit

And we all know that creating good habits is the key to success. And we want success in manifesting!!! Because we want to manifest our dream life. And really have you ever noticed that your day consists of nothing but habits over & over again…

So, if you can tame your habits, you can do anything!

Get rid of old habits that are no longer serving you!

This means stop checking your phone as soon as your eyes open.. Instead, say thank you & hop out of bed with resolve..

Stop dragging your feet.. Stop complaining about how bad you feel.. And tell yourself that today is the day that you are gonna change those habits!

Start setting your intention for the day!

What do you want to accomplish today? Make a plan. If you have a planner, start using it to create a system for yourself that will not only help you to get organized but will help you make spirituality a priority in your life!

You can check out my Law of Attraction Planner here: How I’m Using My Law of Attraction Planner

Here Are Some Ideas For You To  Use To Create Your Daily Routine

Let’s do a walk-thru of what my morning should look like:

*Wake up at 6:45

*Say Thank You & Start Coffee

*Wake the kids up

*Get everyone out the door & drive them to school (this would be a good time for us to say our gratitudes)

*Come back & eat breakfast

*Say affirmations

*After breakfast center myself by lighting some candles & meditating. I like to start my meditation practice by focusing on my intention for the day.

*After meditation is done. Stop & reflect by journaling. Getting out anything that is bothering me by writing it down. And as I am journaling, I can also write down my goals & any actions that I need to take to get closer to them.

*Write down any inspired action that I am feeling. And take that action immediately if possible. Inspired action is the best kind of action that you can take.. Because it comes from Source & your higher self. Remember your higher self is always propelling you forward toward your goals. And your ego (inner critic) is trying to hold you back by procrastination & keeping you in your comfort zone.

*Say a prayer for a great day. Finish my coffee. Then time to get ready for the day physically.

Your Mental & Emotional Health is Just As Important As Your Physical Health.

So, make sure you are feeding your mind with positive things that are going to help your life, not take away from it. I know that we can’t be happy all the time. But dwelling on negative things doesn’t make your problems go away. In fact, it compounds them.

Remember everything is temporary in this life.

“This too shall pass” is a quote that I repeat often when I am having issues or something isn’t working out like I thought it would.

Repeat positive affirmations to yourself on the daily. As much as you need to. I do this all the time when I’m at work.

You know how your inner critic can get the best of you sometimes before you even realize it. That is the best time to use positive, uplifting affirmations. Say them aloud or even just to yourself in your head.

It really does help!

Here Is A Pretty Printable For You ~To Help You Stay Committed To Your New Daily Routine:

Having a hard time managing your time? Feeling overwhelmed? Are you all over the place when it comes to your home & work life? It's time to create a new daily routine that is going to help you stay grounded and get stuff done. Click the link to learn more!

My Spiritual Routine PDF


What’s your spiritual routine look like?? I would love to know!

Leave a comment in the comment section detailing it for us! And remember that other people can learn as much from your comment as they did from my whole blog post! We are in this together!

And do me a favor. If this post resonated with you, please consider sharing it out. I would really, really appreciate it! Thank you so much! And make sure you come back to the blog!!! Say hi in the comments!


Till next time


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