It’s finally here!

After tweaking & changing I have finally created the 2020 Planner that I am happy with. And I know you will be too.

It’s jammed pack full of all the good woo-woo stuff that will help you with your manifesting!

And it has STICKERS!

Yes, cute stickers that you can print out on label paper!


I have a couple of posts full of video that is showing you the planner if you would like to watch it before you download.

I don’t want to just take up space in your inbox. I want you to want to hear from me. And I want you to actually want to download & print off this colorful planner!

The 2020 Planner is LIVE! Click the link to grab it for FREE!! It's a 46 page package including 9 pages of stickers!! Watch the videos to see before you download. Can't wait to see you over there!

Click the links below if you would like to see what’s inside the planner package first ok.

Awesome New Planner For 2020 (This is the first part of the planner)

Cool New Pages Added To The 2020 Planner That’s Gonna Help You Stay On Track With Manifesting Your Best Life

(This is the second part of the planner. It ended up being 46 pages long, so I had to merge PDFs.)

Are you a planner junkie like me? If so, I have an awesome FREE Planner for you for 2020!! Click the link to grab it now!!

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My name is Amy & I am the blogger behind I Heart LOA.

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I love talking about all things Mindset, LOA, Manifesting & all the woo-woo!

The more woo the better!

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Let’s manifest our best life!