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How I Use PowerPoint To Make Videos For My Blog

How I Use PowerPoint To Make Videos For My Blog

There are so many different ways to get yourself out there when you are blogging! Video is definitely one of them. Well what do you do if you are a blogger but you aren’t comfortable yet with putting yourself in front of the camera? You can use PowerPoint like I do to make your videos more personal! 

Hey guys! Thank you so much for dropping in to read the post! Today’s post is all about how I use PowerPoint to make videos for my blog!

I have to put this in here for legal purposes. (*This post contains affiliate links. If you click thru the link AND make a purchase, I may receive a commission. You will never pay more for a product by using the links. But you will be helping out by supporting this blog & its efforts! So Thank you!!* )

How I Use PowerPoint To Make Videos For My Blog. If you aren't yet comfortable being in front of the camera or are an introvert that blogs like me, then PowerPoint is an awesome way for you to make video for your blog posts! Come on over to watch the tutorial that I created just for you!

Being a blogger, I have to constantly make myself get out of my comfort zone & put myself out there!

Although I love to blog and am very passionate about it, deep down inside, I am still that shy – introverted girl who doesn’t like to draw attention to herself! Isn’t that ironic that I would pick the one career where that is exactly what you are doing? Drawing attention to yourself?

I think one of the reasons that I was drawn to blogging was because of the ability to write what I was feeling without having to worry about being anxious or awkward in front of someone? If you are an introvert like me, you will probably understand what I mean by that. I am the type of person that has always loved being alone. That doesn’t feel comfortable surrounded by people trying to make small talk about inconsequential things.

How do you get comfortable making videos for your subscribers and readers?

When I first started incorporating video into my blog post, I used a site called Lumen 5.  It’s an awesome site where I can quickly type in the url of my blog post that I want to make a video with and use their features to make a cute little video. Although it is awesome, I still wanted my subscribers to get to know ME! If you are looking to make a fast video by using a blog post, I would still suggest trying it out!

But I did some research and found out that I could also take the slides that I make thru PowerPoint and turn them into a video and still have ME in the video as well! It’s really a great way to make a video for your blog and still be personable to your audience!

So, if you’re like me and not quite comfortable yet with putting your face foremost in your videos for your audience, using PowerPoint is an awesome alternative.

Here is a video tutorial of me walking you thru what it’s like to make a video using PowerPoint.


I used Screencast-O-Matic to record this tutorial for you! Screencast-O-Matic is an awesome way to record screenshares! And they do have a free plan! But their pro plan is only $18 bucks a YEAR!! That is such a great deal. But I have an even better deal for you today! If you use my link to grab the pro-plan, you get an extra 20% off of the already low price of $18 dollars a  year!!! So Go To Screencast-O-Matic To Get This Great Deal!

After you are satisfied with how your video looks thru PowerPoint

You want to save your presentation so that you will have it on your computer! Click Save As. I always save my presentation before I export my file into video form. I save it as a powerpoint presentation file. Then to export the presentation to video form, click export and then click create video! It will save it as an MP4 file. Go ahead and click save.

Then when you are ready to insert the video into your post you can do this in different ways. You can either download it directly to your post by clicking add media and then adding it to your post. Or you can use something like Vimeo or YouTube to host your video on and then embed it! Whatever way you decide is totally up to you!

If you use Vimeo: Here are the Steps to Embed the Video into your Post

After your video is uploaded to Vimeo go to the video that you wish to embed and click the little share icon. It will look something like this:

When you click that button it will bring up options for you to share a link out to your social media, email a link to your video or embed the video into your blog post!

To embed:

  • click the embed option
  • it will bring up HTML code
  • click copy to clipboard
  • Wherever you want to place your video into your blog post make sure you are on that section of your post.
  • Switch over from Visual to Text in your WordPress Editor (where you are typing up your blog post) and right click on your mouse to hit paste.
  • This will paste in the code.
  • And when you switch back over to Visual, you will see your video! Make sure you hit PUBLISH OR UPDATE so that it will save it! (if you are finished typing out your blog post!)

I hope this tutorial has helped you see that even if you are an introvert like me, you can still find ways to put yourself out there when you are a Blogger!

I love making videos now for my subscribers & readers! It’s fun! And the more you do it, the more you get comfortable being in front of the camera!

I would love to connect with you today! If you liked this post/video please share it out! Or Pin it for later!

How I Use PowerPoint To Create Videos For My Blog. If you aren't comfortable being on camera just yet or are an introvert like me, then PowerPoint is an awesome way to make videos for your blog posts! Come on over to watch the tutorial I have created just for you!!


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I hope you enjoyed the post! Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section! I would love to hear from you!

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I am a Personal Development blogger who blogs about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo. I love teaching about the mindset & helping other people overcome their circumstances & create a life they love.


  1. I have wondered how bloggers put themselves inside their tutorial videos. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hey Eva,

      Yeah, this was when I was first starting to blog. Now I use screen-casto-matic and love it. I will update this post and do a tutorial on it.

      But I still love PowerPoint. One tip on recording through it that I have learned that I needed to do was use a better microphone. At the time of this recording, I was just using the mic on my headphones. Which really had horrible audio.. lol.. Now I use my Blue Snowball and my audio sounds so much better!!

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!! I am so glad the tips helped you! Make sure you come back & say hi ok!!


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