How Learning About The Law Of Attraction Has Changed My Life

The Law of Attraction. This whole blog is basically dedicated to my experiences learning about the Law of Attraction. But even more than that, since learning about the Law of Attraction, I have learned so much about myself. And have in the process changed my life. 

How Learning About The Law of Attraction Has Changed My Life

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How Did I First Learn About The Law Of Attraction?

To be honest, it’s been so long ago now that I can barely remember what first got me started really getting into the Law of Attraction. When did I first learn about it? I know that I watched “The Secret” on Netflix just like everyone else. I know when I watched the movie, the things that they were saying resonated with me on a deep level!  ( I never read the book! Shocker I know!) I did read “The Magic” if that counts! Loved that book!

It was the book by Linda West Secrets The Secret Never Told You that really got me thinking about the Law of Attraction. I learned that not only did your thoughts, beliefs & words you say on a daily basis create your reality but that the action you took or not took, was KEY to manifesting!

And so the journey began! How did learning about the Law of Attraction Change My Life?

It Woke Me The Hell Up!

The first thing that changed in my life was that it woke me up! Hello world! This whole time that I have been alive, had I truly been alive or just existing? In truth, I was just existing. I was reacting to my life. I was not taking action! By that, I mean that I was not LIVING my life the way I always dreamt that I would! I was reacting to what life was giving me. But what I didn’t know up until that point was that I had a CHOICE! You can either be a reactor in your life. Or you can be an act-or. (My word for one that takes action!)

The Law of Attraction was simply the opening of the door to my spiritual journey. My relationship with myself. My innermost being. My soul! I learned that I could change my circumstances!

Changing My Mindset

I learned that how I think & believe reflected in my life. I learned that all the negativity that I was spouting and living in was creating more negative moments for me to complain about! Talk about waking you up! I would always complain about how rough I had it. How broke I was. How crappy my job was, etc. How some people were just born lucky and I was NOT one of them! That was my thought pattern back then. Boy am I glad that it changed!

Nowadays, you will not catch me saying things like that! I know better. When you say things like that, you are creating more experiences like that for your future. And I definitely didn’t want more things to complain about.

I am such a more positive person that I have ever been in my life. I am so full of hope & optimism for the future and for today! I live to find inspiration in every day things! Everyday moments. When I feel negative thoughts coming on or bad moods, I am quick to stop them. All from learning about the Law of Attraction!

I Started Doing The Work

By work, I don’t mean hard manual work. But “inner work.” The mental work that I needed to do in order to change my perspective on life! I learned that in order to see change on the outside (in your reality) that you have to change on the inside.

So, I decided that I was going to have the life that I wanted! Not the life that I was being dealt. It is all about CHOICE! You decide how you want to feel. You decide if you want to be happy or not. Those are choices that you can make on a daily basis. By observing your thoughts. And then doing something to change them! If it’s to take a walk, watch an inspirational video, listen to music, or dance around the house. Do something to get you out of that negative mind space!

Just observing that you are in a negative mind space is the first step to changing it.

I Started Appreciating Life

My Gratitude Journal!!

I started being grateful for being ALIVE! I started appreciating the little things in life. The cup of coffee in the morning. The quiet time I have just to be ME! The love I am surrounded with. The roof over my head. The food in my belly. ETC! There are so many things that you can be grateful for if you just choose to look at life in a different way. Don’t look at the lack in your life. Stop worrying about what you DON’T HAVE! And learn to love and appreciate what you do have!

That will bring you more things & experiences to be grateful for than anything you can imagine. Just by being grateful for what you already have! I have many posts on how gratitude has changed my life (all because of learning about the Law of Attraction.) Below is a list of posts if you would like to read them.

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It Made Me Dream Again

How Learning About The Law of Attraction Has Changed My Life

Yes, I was always a dreamer. But when I was living in that negative mind space that I was in, I stopped dreaming. And continued to struggle. But life was not meant to be a struggle! This is something that we were conditioned into thinking!

I shut that little girl up that had all those dreams a long time ago. And I decided that life was hard. And that the only way to live was to struggle, work your ass off, hopefully have something when you reach retirement age, then die! What a sad thought. 🙁

But life is so much more than that! I am a dreamer again. But I have learned that if you want to make your dreams come true, then you have to be a do’er too! That means that you have to take action towards your dreams in order to make them come true! And that is what I am doing today! I am a dreamer! Yes, I am proud to say it.

Growing As A Human

Learning about the LOA has opened up my heart & mind to all the possibilities and opportunities that are out there! No matter what your background. No matter how little or how much you have! It all comes down to how you think & believe. And if you will take the action that you need to take every single day to get you to your goal!

It’s more than just the Law of Attraction really if you think about it. It’s human growth. The Law of Attraction is just the opening of the door to learn about a more meaningful way to live! It’s the perspective that you take. The way you look at life. You can be skeptical all you want to be. Like does attract like. Being happy does attract more happy. And being grateful does bring you more to be grateful for! When you look at life thru eyes that see hope; you will find more hope!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. This is just my experience with the Law Of Attraction so far. And I know there are more ways that LOA has changed my life. But for now, this is what I got for ya! lol. The deeper I go into my consciousness the more that life opens up for me to learn. And learning is growing!

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  1. I love the inspiration content that you are sharing it helps motivate people whole may be experiencing what I would say a life crisis. When there is something you don’t like about yourself it is always good to evaluate the things that may be displeasing to you and start by analyzing change I love this article.

    1. amy says:

      Hey Crystal! Thank you so much for commenting & the kind words!!

  2. This was such an inspiring post! I am so happy that you are a dreamer again and you have inspired me to be more of one myself! I love the picture of your journal and how you wrote down what you are grateful for. I think that this can be so powerful! Thanks for the inspiration girl!

    1. amy says:

      Hey Stephanie! You are so welcome! I am so glad you found the blog inspirational! That is my “why” of this blog! To inspire other people to start dreaming again and to go for their dreams!! I practice gratitude on a daily basis. And you wouldn’t believe the changes that have happened in my life just because of making gratitude a habit!! Thank you so much for commenting!

  3. Such an inspiration! I love this kind of post. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out our Instagram Influencer Auditor at, where it helps you check your Instagram account for fake followers and likes!


    1. amy says:

      Hey Tiffany! Thank you for taking the time to comment! I would be happy to check you out on Instagram!

  4. Emmet Fox – a metaphysical spiritual master- pretty much sums it up… What you dwell upon, you bring into your life. Not sure if that’s his exact words, but close enough. This way of thinking (coupled with a grateful heart) has changed my life over the last several 8 years.

    1. amy says:

      Hey Emily! So glad you stopped by the blog! Thank you for your comment Gratitude has changed my life too!!

  5. Leaving the anger behind is such a challenge. This is so inpiring!

    1. amy says:

      Hey Caitlin! I am so glad that you liked the post! Reading these comments has really touched my heart! Thank you for taking the time to read my post!!

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