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How To Create Images For Your Blog Using PicMonkey

How To Create Images For Your Blog Using PicMonkey

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by the blog. Today’s article is all about creating images for your blog using PicMonkey! It’s so easy & fun to create images using PicMonkey! 

That is how I create all my images. I have tried Canva before but never really could get the hang of it. And have been using PicMonkey forever so it is my tool of choice! I have the Basic Monthly Subscription which is only $8.00 a month AND so worth it to me to get my images to look awesome!

I have to put this in here for legal purposes: (*This post contains affiliate links. If you click thru the link AND make a purchase, I may receive a commission. You will never pay more for a product by using the links. But you will be helping out by supporting this blog & its efforts! So Thank you!!* )

How To Use PicMonkey To Create Images For Your Blog. Creating images with PicMonkey is so easy & fun. Come on over to the blog to watch me create an image in minutes! It's super easy to do! And I know you will love it to create awesome images for your blog!



PicMonkey has lots of features for you to make your images look awesome! Such as overlays, templates, frames, textures & so much more! You can use different fonts to make your words stand out! And overlays to fade your images out a little so that your text shows up really good on your picture!

There is so much that you can do with PicMonkey. Watch ME create a fast & easy image below using PicMonkey!


Here is the image that I made in the tutorial! Looks pretty good to me! But you can create your image exactly how YOU want to using PicMonkey!

How To Create An Image Using PicMonkey For Your Blog. In this post I walk you thru how to create an awesome image for your blog using PicMonkey. So super fast and easy! Come on over to check out the tutorial!


Talk about super fast & easy! Get your images looking great for all your social media & Pinterest! They do have a FREE service too if you just want to test it out! Just go to PicMonkey and create a free account today! I know you will love how easy it is to use!

The Stock Images That I Use

For the stock images that I use, you can find them at Ivory Mix. She has beautiful stock images. I do have a paid membership thru her site because I love ALL of her photos! And you can use them for your blog or social media posts!

But if you’re not ready to invest yet in stock images, sign up for her email to receive 350 FREE stock images that you can start using today! Then later on WHEN you decide that you want to become a member, it’s only $33 for 3 months! (I have the ELITE package. There is a VIP package that is on sale until 9/10/18.) That is crazy! That is an awesome price! I love her images so much that I use them in just about every blog posts that I create! Click here to sign up for her email to get the Free Stock Photos

And when you do decide to buy a Stock Photo Membership to you get:

  • 100+ photos to download every MONTH
  • Royalty FREE to use – no credit needed!
  • Unlimited Access
  • To use for your social media posts, blog posts, Pinterest, Emails, etc
  • And you can cancel anytime!

This is where I get my beautiful stock photos for my blog. I can't say enough good things about I just love her photos. And they really make my blog look so much better! Go check out her site now! You will love it!

Places To Find Free Stock Images

If you’re not ready to buy stock images yet, there are millions of images out there that you can find for FREE! I did this when I was first getting started blogging! There are so many beautiful stock images out there that you can find for free.

Here are some of my favorite places to get beautiful stock photos for your blog or social media images:

  • Pixabay is one of my fav’s. They have so awesome flat-lays which I use A LOT!
  • Burst is thru Shopify. They have free images plus they have collections that you can browse and still get for FREE.
  • Stencil I really like Stencil too BUT you can only do 10 images a month for Free with them.

Just type in what kind of image you are looking for in the search bar (like you want to do a flat-lay, just type flat-lay in the search bar of any of the sites above) and it will bring you all kinds of images up that you can download to your computer and USE for FREE! Great resources if you are just getting started!

But anyways guys just wanted to pop on real fast and do a tutorial. I hope you enjoyed the article. I am gonna go finish my camping trip since it is Labor Day Weekend here in the States!

I would love to connect with you! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

And you can always find me here on the blog or on any of my social media. Just click the little black buttons in the sidebar!

Till next time,





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