How To Keep A Positive Mindset No Matter What’s Going On Around You

How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative? Can you keep their energy from rubbing off on you? This and more in today’s post.

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Today’s post was actually a question I got from a commenter on my YouTube Channel. 

How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative? Can you keep their energy from rubbing off on you? This and more in today's post. Click the link for more info. Video included!

I had an awesome video explanation made for her when I came back from picking the kids up from school and it didn’t download! UGH. Tech difficulties. Welcome to my world! lol, Can you hear me now? Woohoo! Let’s do this y’all!

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Everything In Life Is T-e-m-p-o-r-a-r-y

Remember everything in this life is fleeting & temporary. Here one minute and gone the next. When I’m feeling some kind of way about something, I like to remind myself of this:

This too shall pass. ~The Bible

This is the first thing that popped into my head when I was re-reading her question to start my video for her.

Life is so short & goes fast, don’t let the small stuff get to you. And when you’re going thru a really tough time, remember you will get thru it. And it will pass just like everything else does.

I know that for a fact.

After losing 3 people that I loved within the last 2 years.

If I have learned anything it’s that life is short. And to enjoy it to the best of your ability. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And show love as much as you can.

Put yourself out there and live the way you want to live regardless of other people’s opinions. 

Separate Yourself From The Issue

Remove yourself from the equation. Step outside or go into another room for a minute if someone’s negative energy is bothering you or making you start to get down. Allow them that time to express themselves but not at the expense of yourself.

Protect your energy!

If it’s a money situation or something like that for example that is bothering you don’t focus on it or you will magnify it.

Do something else or something creative for a little while, then come back to it.

I notice that I come up with the best solutions or ideas when I’m not trying to.

Usually, when my mind is occupied with something else like when I’m working on something totally different, that’s when my best ideas for blog posts come to me.

Ask yourself what would my higher self do?

You can find some awesome posts on the higher self by clicking the links below:

How To Flip The Switch On Your Mindset  & How You Can Step Into Your Higher Self

I like this quote by Alber Einstein:

How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative? Can you keep their energy from rubbing off on you? This and more in today's post. Click the link for more info. Video included.


Ask Yourself What Can I Learn From This?

If your going thru something, instead of freakin out (like I used to do) and worrying it to death ask yourself what can I learn from this? What is the life lesson that I am supposed to be learning right now?

A lot of times we have to go thru stuff to either learn something that God wants to teach us or make us stronger so that we can handle anything.

Also, I have noticed when I go thru things now, I don’t panic like I used to. Because I know that everything is temporary and it will pass. I just have to get thru it.

This is strengthening your mindset!

And even tho it doesn’t feel like it at the time, you will look back on it and remember the lesson you learned from it so that you don’t have to experience it again. You will be prepared.

Journal It Out

If you yourself are feeling some kind of way. Work thru your emotions. Journal it out.

How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative? Can you keep their energy from rubbing off on you? This and more in today's post. Click the link for more info. Video included.

Write down what’s bothering you.

How it makes you feel.

And start questioning whether what you are believing is true or not?

Keep asking yourself why.

And is this really true or is this something that I was conditioned to believe as a child and I just haven’t changed that belief yet?

Sometimes we will carry beliefs with us all the way up to adulthood that we adopted when we were kids!

Observe Your Thoughts.

And remember that they are just thoughts. That doesn’t necessarily make them your thoughts. It just means they are just there.

Have you noticed that you are the observer of your thoughts?

Don’t forget the inner critic is always spouting negativity.

This is fear-based thinking and it comes from the ego trying to keep you safe & in your comfort zone.

But you are not your inner critic. It’s just a survival mechanism that is inside of us.

You have the ego trying to keep you down & you have your higher self trying to push you forward.

It’s like a tug of war going on inside of us at all times.

But the good news is, you get to decide who you are going to listen to.

Your inner critic who is fear-based or your higher self who is intuition-based.

Write Down Or Say Aloud What You Are Grateful For.

If you have ever been to this blog then I know you have heard me talk about gratitude. There is a reason for that.

Gratitude has helped me flip the switch on my mindset.

And change my mindset from skeptical & negative to positive & optimistic!

That’s why I always talk about it. I want to drill it into your head that by doing just this one thing you can absolutely turn your life around. And fast.

You will see results if you start making gratitude a daily habit.

When you are trying to work on your mindset and become a more positive person the easiest & fastest way to do that is thru gratitude.

If you will go to the search bar at the top of this site and type in gratitude and hit enter. You will see all the blog posts that I have written just about gratitude alone!

That is how much it has helped me to change my mindset.

Talk To Your Inner Child

If you are feeling some kind of way personally. You may be feeling down, scared, sad, worried or whatever, comforting the inner child that is inside of you will help you.

Remember that we adopted beliefs as children.

Sometimes we need to go back and reassure that child that everything is ok now.

Because you are grown up and you can take care of yourself now. You are not that helpless little child anymore. And you can make decisions for yourself and choices that can make your life amazing!

When we’re kids there is so much that we are taking in. We are like sponges. And the least little thing can cause trauma and hurt our feelings. Because we are so optimistic when we are young. We are innocent.

Things like:

  • Bullying at school
  • A teacher talking down to you or not acknowledging you
  • A parent shooting down your dreams when you tell them about what you want to be when you grow up. (raises hand here!)
  • Any kind of trauma

All of these things have an effect on our belief system.

We internalize things.

And this is where our insecurities start. But they don’t end there.

We don’t leave them in the past, no we carry them into adult-hood with us. And it’s like it gets bigger and bigger.

Try this exercise below:

Go back in your mind and talk to that little child and let her/him know that you are here now.

You are an adult.

And you can change your mind about things that you thought were true but were just a belief  you picked up or even an assumption you made.

Comfort that inner child and let her know that your higher self is in control now and she can relax.

That you will take it from here. Visually walk thru this scenario. It really does help.

Your Mindset Is Everything

When you’re trying to work on your mindset. And you are feeling all the optimism but your outside world isn’t reflecting that yet, it’s ok. And it will catch up. You just have to keep pushing thru.

Mindset Work Is An Everyday Thing

Create a ritual for yourself. This will help make mindset work into a daily habit for yourself. Your habits really rule your life. So if you are like me, and have to make some changes, do it.

Write down what you plan to do.

Make A Pretty Ritual To-Do List & Print It Off. 

I have a cute pdf set that actually has a ritual sheet in it if you would like to print it off.

You can find it here: 2020 Spiritual Journey Planner that link will just take you to my Google Drive where you can print it off if you want to ok.

It’s free and I made it with y’all in mind.

How do you stay positive when everyone around you is negative? Can you keep their energy from rubbing off on you? This and more in today's post. Click the link for more info. Video included.









I also have a resource about manifesting that I forgot to mention. You might already know about it. But if you don’t watch the video below.

This is where I really started getting into manifesting. And she has really helped me learn so much & I am forever grateful.

That’s why I’m always mentioning her in my posts. If you have ever been on this blog then I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. 😉

I want to share anything & everything that I learn that helps me. That way it can help you too.

That’s what friends are for right?

And always remember when you give something of value it always comes back to you x 10!!

I hope you enjoyed the post & videos.

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