How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition And Your Thoughts

How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition & Your Thoughts

Hey guys! This week we are talking about intuition. Exactly what it is and how you can tell whether it’s your intuition guiding you or just your mind with all its monkey chatter! 

I am so glad that you found my little corner of the internet. All this week I am going to be going over intuition.

And how you can tell the difference between your intuition and your mind chatter. When you start living a more purposeful life you are getting into alignment and getting into the natural flow of things!

And intuition plays a big part in that! Wouldn’t it be an amazing life to just be in alignment with your higher self and be able to manifest your best life? Well, getting into the flow of your intuition and learning how to strengthen your intuitive muscle will help you do that.

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How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition And Your Thoughts. How can I know for sure that it's my intuition leading me and not just my thoughts? If you want to know for sure click the link to find out!


*And of course I have a video for you! This is me talking to you about intuition. And my story of what happened to me when I didn’t listen to my intuition*

How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition And Your Thoughts from Amy Morton on Vimeo.


What Exactly Is Your Intuition?

Your intuition is a “feeling” you get. Some call it their “gut feeling.” There are many words for intuition. Regardless of all the different names out there used to describe your intuition, it is one of your senses. You know like the five senses that they teach you in school: ( See, hear, smell, touch, taste).

It’s your “inner force.” We all have a powerful force in each of us! And by learning to use your intuition as a guide, you can live a more purpose-filled life!

How To Tell If It’s My Intuition Or My Mind?

A good way to tell if it’s your intuition trying to get your attention or just your thoughts is to be able to tell the difference between the two.

Your intuition is a feeling you get.

And you can tell whether it’s something you need to do by the feeling.

  • If it feels good or makes you excited – GO FOR IT.
  • If it doesn’t feel quite right to you – DON’T DO IT.

Your mind is thoughts that you hear. 

  • Most of the time it’s your egoic mind. That constant monkey chatter that tells you-you can’t do something. Or you’re not good enough.
  • It usually tries to keep you comfortable and doesn’t like to do new things. It wants to keep you safe but also STUCK. 

My Story Of When I Didn’t Listen To My Intuition When I Should Have

Here is the short version of my story.

•I was at a job where I got to the point that I hated going in every single day!

•I kept getting these nudges to leave

•But I had been there for almost 4 years and I was comfortable and scared of change!

•The nudges wouldn’t stop. And I wouldn’t listen to them. I stayed STUCK! (Listening to my egoic mind chatter instead and the irrational logic that it was throwing at me!)

•Finally, my intuition hit me upside the head (literally it felt like)  because I wouldn’t make the change and leave that job!

•I got stuck by a dirty lancet (a needle that they use to check a diabetic’s sugar level) while transferring a patient in a more comfortable position in her bed (the lancet was in her bed Big NO-NO!) and could have gotten a disease.  This was my BIG SIGN that I needed to LISTEN TO!!

What Happened When I Did FINALLY Listen To It

When I did finally listen to it and quit that job: 

  • I found an awesome new job that is totally different than what I was doing!
  • I get paid weekly
  • I make double what I was making!
  • I am finally off of third shift
  • And I’m not living paycheck to paycheck anymore
  • I have extra money to fund my dream

All because I finally got uncomfortable and listened to my intuition! Seriously, don’t wait until your intuition hits you upside the head like it did me! lol When you start having nudges to do something; PAY ATTENTION! Your intuition will never lead you WRONG!

How To Learn To Differentiate Between Your Intuition And Your Mind Chatter

Remember that your mind has an actual voice. It speaks to you! All that mind chatter that you are hearing in your head that sometimes you think are your thoughts are simply the ego filling your head with different things. That constant chatter in our head that gives us facts and analyzes stuff. And sometimes judges us and tells us that we can’t do this or we aren’t good enough to do that.

Your intuition, on the other hand, sends you a “feeling” or as I like to call it “nudges.” And it doesn’t have a voice. You will not hear a thought in your head. You will get a feeling. Sometimes it will be a light feeling. And sometimes it will be a feeling that you can’t deny!

So, whenever you hear a voice inside your head-  you know that is your mind. Whenever you feel a feeling or nudge – that is your intuition!

How You Can Learn To Listen To Your Intuition

If you hear a voice trying to lead you (or thoughts trying to lead you) don’t pay attention to it. Do not let it lead you. Just sit still and let the thoughts dwindle away. When it has stopped just let yourself sit in the quiet for a moment.

You will have a ‘feeling’ come to you. But how can you tell if this is something you should do or not?

By the feeling! 

If it makes you feel good: then go with it.

If it doesn’t; then don’t.

And the good thing about intuition is that you will know when something is right for you because you will feel amazing! Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

When it’s not right, you will feel weighed down. Like the world is on your shoulders!

How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition And Your Thoughts. How can you know if something is coming from your intuition or your thoughts. There is a way to tell! Click the link to find out more!

Follow Your Intuition

Let that light inside you be your guide to a purpose-filled life!

When you let your intuition lead you, you can’t go wrong!

2 different ways that you can strengthen your intuition muscle today:

  • Meditation
  • Journal it out

By using these two methods you can learn to strengthen your intuition. The more you do them every day, the stronger your intuition will grow!


The easiest way that I have found online so far to describe what meditation actually does and how it helps you is on the website that I have linked for you! I highly suggest that you go check it out. The simple mediation process that is described has got me excited to make meditation a habit in my daily routine. You can find the post How To Improve Your Intuition Through Meditation by Nathan from A State Of Mind (.eu)

  • Meditation helps you learn to let go of your thoughts and calm your mind. The more you meditate the easier it becomes to learn how to let go of all the chatter in your head. And your mind will become clear and you will be able to focus on the “feelings” that arise that is your intuition. Go have a read! I know you will like it as much as I do!
  • Using a journal to strengthen your intuition. How can journaling help you with your intuition? Journaling not only helps you release thoughts that are running thru your head, but it actually leaves clues that guide you to what your intuition is trying to tell you.

When you start to keep a log of different occurrences you will notice a pattern or clues that are leading you to something. It’s like being a detective in your own life. If you will start to take notes about the feelings that you get you will begin to notice synchronicities. Eventually, you will figure out what your intuition is trying to tell you or to guide you to!

How To Know The Difference Between Your Intuition And Your Thoughts. Do you know when it's your intuition trying to get your attention? Click on the link to find out more!

There is a great article Intuition Tip: Keep A Journal by on this that gives you some examples of things that you can track such as: (The following prompts were taken from their website. You can find them at

  • Did you have a hunch or gut feeling about something?
  • Did inspiration hit you? What were you inspired to do?
  • Did you experience any synchronicities?
  • Did you ignore your intuition? What happened? (aka my story above! lol)

Intuition Journal is an awesome site to learn more about this!

I am so glad that I started researching this post more because like you, I am learning more and more about connecting to my higher self too! And they also have an app that you can put on your phone for journalling! I highly recommend clicking the above link and checking out their site!! I can’t wait to scroll thru some more posts!!

I hope this has helped you learn more about intuition

And how you can start to follow where it leads you!I know that by strengthening my intuition muscle I am becoming the highest version of myself.

I am getting closer & closer every day! And you can too!

I would love to hear your thoughts on intuition! Please feel free to leave a comment. And know that others can learn as much from your comment as they can from my post! I love sharing information as I learn about it.

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