How To Let Go & Allow Your Manifestation To Come To You

In learning how to use the Law of Attraction intentionally, the letting go of your desire seems to be the hardest part for folks. So, I’m gonna break it down for ya so that you can see that it really is all about flow. And getting into alignment.

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I love talking about the Law of Attraction & Manifesting. And even more than that I love learning about MINDSET. 

To me, mindset is everything! It literally has to do with every aspect of your life. 

Are you into the Law of Attraction & Manifesting? I love learning about it. And applying it into my life so that I can manifest what I want. Here's a really good article explaining how you can learn to allow your manifestations into your life easier!! As always there is a video included. I hope you like the post. Make sure you let me know you come by by saying hi!! xoxo Amy

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First Things First:

What exactly is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is commonly known as “like attracts like.”

It’s actually a Universal Law. There are hundreds of Universal Laws that govern our life. Most people just concentrate on the Law of Attraction. 

I’m not going to go into all the different Universal Laws today. We’ll save that for another day.

But the main point to remember about the Law of Attraction is this: 

You get what you focus on…. AND…. Energy goes where focus flows. 

Have you ever heard of the quote:

Ask, Believe, Receive?

That is the basics of using the LOA EXCEPT they left out the action part.

And you always always have to take action if you want to manifest something.

Number 1. Ask: *What do you want to manifest into your life? What do you desire? What do you feel inside of you that you have always wanted? There is a reason that you feel that too did you know that?

Number 2. Believe: You have to believe with all your heart that what you want is already yours! Act as if you already have it. Visualize what it feels like to already have that thing. How is your life different?

Number 3. Receive: This is where you are open & allow your manifestation to happen. More on this down below.

Number 4. Inspired Action: In all things that we do we are taking action whether we realize it or not. Same with the LOA when you are using it intentionally to get something. Inspired action is a feeling that you will get from your intuition. You will be inspired to do something. It will seem like the next logical step that you need to take.

Here is an article explaining it more in-depth: Law of Attraction & Inspired Action. 

Are you into the Law of Attraction & Manifesting? I love learning about it. And applying it into my life so that I can manifest what I want. Here's a really good article explaining how you can learn to allow your manifestations into your life easier!! As always there is a video included. I hope you like the post. Make sure you let me know you come by by saying hi!! xoxo Amy

You Have Decided What You Want & You Have Total Faith It’s Yours… Now What?

This is where you have to allow yourself to be open to it. Allowing simply means that you are ready & receptive to let things happen. You are open to them! 

Practice allowing things into your life.

Are you good at giving to others?? Like a compliment or a smile?

Remember that what you put out comes back to you..

So practice being good at being on the receiving end too!

If someone compliments you and says You are so pretty. Make sure you accept it by saying Thank You straight away!

Instead of ducking your head and saying no I’m not, your crazy. Or something like that. Get it?

The more you open yourself up to receive the faster you will manifest things into your life that you want.

You Reap What You Sow Metaphor:

I’m sure you have heard this from the Bible. And it is so true. God is telling us in the Bible that what we put out is what we get back.

So imagine you are planting a garden. 

First, you want to decide what do you want to plant? (Just like what do you want to manifest?) What kind of plants to you want do grow in your garden?

Pick out the seeds that you want. You are deciding what you want to manifest. 

Second, you plant your seeds in good soil. You water & nurture them. (Visualize what you want to manifest, journal it out or do a scripting exercise.) Here’s a post on scripting: How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want

Third, you wait patiently for your plants to grow but you KNOW they will it just takes time.

How do you know?

Because you have seen it before and therefore have experienced plants growing in a garden.

You allow nature to take its course. You have no doubts because your mind already has an experience of this. Your mind has stored this in your memory. (Our minds are just like a computer and our memory is just like files being pulled up when we need them.)

Here is a great explanation of this that I found while doing research for this article. Understanding The Law of Attraction

If you are manifesting something that you have never had before then what do you do???

You find experiences of other people that have what you want. Look online. Find people that are doing or have what you want. See how they act. They don’t act like they are wishing & wanting because they know they already have the thing..

If you are trying to manifest something that seems so out of reach for you, I would suggest practice manifesting smaller things first. 

If you have never had a million dollars. Then you don’t know what that feels like. You can imagine what it feels like, but do you think your mind would actually believe it?

This is where you have to work on your mindset. Learn as much as you can about mindset.

And start setting up a new belief system inside your mind!

And if you want to, I will start posting more about mindset. Because that is my jam! I love learning about mindset for myself. And would love to help you with it too!

When I first started trying to manifest things like money, I started out with manifesting $50 dollars.


Because that felt like something I could manifest pretty quick. And in fact, I ended up manifesting almost $300 dollars in a week in unexpected ways!

And that really got me excited.

And when you are excited your vibrations start to go up, up, up!!

I knew by that little experiment that I could manifest things into my reality.

And that I had to work on my mindset in order to start creating the reality that I wanted to live in! And you can do this too.

Here Are Some Things That I Do Daily To Help Me With My Mindset & To Open My Mind Up To Believing That Anything Is Possible:

I am constantly working on myself. This is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It is not selfish to want to better yourself & your circumstances.

I want more for me & for my family so I continue to work on me!

That is the only way change is going to happen in your life.

You have to change on the inside before you will ever see any change on the outside.

  • Affirmations: I am always saying affirmations on the daily. No matter where I am. Even if I am walking back from break at work. I am whispering to myself that I am strong, I am confident, I am capable of so much more. I say affirmations in my car on the drive to work. I say them in the mirror to myself. Use affirmations to get you started changing your belief system.
  • Learning From Others That Are Doing What I Want To Do: I am lucky to work at a place where I can bring in my Bluetooth speaker. I listen to podcasts daily. I’m talking 8 hours of podcasts that inspire & uplift me daily! They help me to think differently. They open my mind up to opportunity & possibility. They teach me things that I didn’t know. They teach me to think in a way that will help me change my life!
  • Journaling: Write out anything that is bothering you. These are usually limiting beliefs. Start questioning the story that you have been telling yourself that is holding you back. Turn your limiting beliefs around and make then into affirmations! You can do this!
  • Gratitude: I am always saying what I am grateful for each & every day! Gratitude will help you to see the positive instead of the negative all the time. And will help you change your mindset! So give it a try!

How Can You Learn To Let Go & Allow Your Manifestation To Come To You?

By letting go, I am not saying to let go of your desire for the thing. Because I think that is impossible.

Especially when it is something that has been in your heart forever and you want it so bad.

But I do think that you have to learn to stop wishing & wanting it so much.

You have to learn to have faith that God has got this!

And God knows what’s in your heart & what you desire. I don’t think He would put it there if He didn’t want you to have it!

Do you think the birds ever wonder where their next meal is coming from? No, they know it will be there.

It all comes down to building up your faith & belief system.

I am not telling you to change your core beliefs. But if it’s something that is not serving you or helping you to get what you want, then it’s time to start thinking in a different way.

If you don’t know how to change how you are thinking then find someone online that has what you want or is doing what you want to do and watch how they act and how they believe. Then learn from it!

Your Faith & Mindset Is Like Building Up A Muscle.

You have to use it. Nurture it. Strengthen it every single day.

Pray about it. Ask God for help in giving you patience. And notice the signs around you that are indeed letting you know that you are on the right path. And that when you know & have faith you will manifest what is in your heart.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. And I hope it has helped you. I love talking about mindset & all the woo-woo! It really is something that I learn more and more about daily.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them down below.

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I am a Personal Development blogger who blogs about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo. I love teaching about the mindset & helping other people overcome their circumstances & create a life they love.

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