How To Let Go In Order To Manifest What You Want

How To Let Go In Order To Manifest What You Want


To let go is the very last step in manifesting.  And it’s probably one of the steps that most people have the most trouble with. How do you let go of something that you want so bad? How do you detach from it?


How To Let Go In Order To Manifest. Letting go is probably the hardest part of the manifestation process. How do you learn to let go of something that you want so bad? Come on over to find out how!


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I really like this quote from Deepak Chopra about letting go. It really sums it up and it makes sense.

Holding on to anything is like holding onto your breath. You will suffocate. The only way to get anything in the physical universe is by letting go of it. Let go & it will be yours forever.    ~Deepak Chopra

Think about that quote for a minute.

When you are holding on to something so tightly you are not allowing it to have the freedom to come to you. You are holding on to the idea. So how do you expect it to manifest into physical form if you won’t let it go in order for it to materialize in your reality?

What does letting go really mean?

Well, it actually means different things to different people. But to let go of something or the thought of something to manifest it is what we are talking about. So here are some synonyms for letting go.

  1. detaching..
  2. allowing..
  3. freeing
  4. releasing
  5. surrendering


Letting go just means that you realize that there is nothing more that you can do to make your dream a reality. You have to let go in order to receive. So, to me letting go simply shows God that you have faith that he will give you what you have asked for! Do you have faith that our Creator knows what is best for you? Our Source, where we evolved from always put our highest good first.

How do you let go?

By focusing on something else! Show that you have faith that you are going to receive what you have asked for. And let it go.. Forget about it.. Find something else to concentrate on. I know that letting go can seem hard.. But we are the ones that make it hard. Manifesting is supposed to be fun and easy. Do not make it harder than what it really is. The most things that I have manifested for myself were done when I wasn’t putting emphasis on it..

What are some things that you can do to get your mind off of what you want to manifest?

Here is something I like to say after I have put my intention out there to the universe. “I am grateful for _______ and no matter what happens I am fine with it. If I get it great if not that’s ok too!” AND then I focus on something else immediately to take my mind off of it.

  • Do something that you love to do!
  • Get on social media! There is enough drama on there to take your mind off of anything! lol
  • Go to YouTube and find some funny videos. Not only is it uplifting but it will keep your vibrations up!
  • Help someone else. Do something nice for someone. When you are concentrating on someone else, you forget all about your “stuff.”
  • Write down what you are grateful for that day. Start a gratitude journal.
  • Listen to some high vibe music and dance around your house.
  • Love on your pets! Pets always make people feel better and are so loving in return.
  • Read some inspirational posts online. Or grab an awesome movie that you love and watch it again.

If you are able to take your mind off of what you are wanting to manifest immediately, you are more likely to manifest it faster! Because you are not attached to it so much!


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