How To Manifest Your Desires Using The Law of Attraction

How To Manifest Your Desires Using The Law of Attraction.

Hey guys! Welcome to I Heart LOA. This site is all about the Law of Attraction and personal development (with a lot of woo-woo thrown in!) I am so happy you found me online. If you are new here, I teach YOU the basics of the Law of Attraction. And also dive deeper into spiritual awakening! Today we are talking about manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction.

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How To Manifest Your Desires Using The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is real. Whether people believe it or not, it is always in action. The vibrations that you send out are what's being mirrored back to you! The feelings you feel whether negative or positive always come back to you! Come on over to the blog where you can learn how to manifest your desires using the Law of Attraction.

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So now that you know what the Law of Attraction is how exactly do you manifest what you want? If you missed the post on what the Law of Attraction is and does, please go to this article and read it first: What Is The Law of Attraction?



The main job and really only job of the Law of Attraction is to match your vibrational energy.

What is vibrational energy? Well, vibrational energy is the energy that your body gives off depending on what emotion you are feeling.

  • If you are feeling happy, then LOA will send you more happy. It will match the energy that your body is giving off.. Or your vibration!
  • If you are feeling sad, you will get more sad feelings.
  • If you are mad, more mad feelings etc.


So in order to start manifesting what you truly want you have to be in alignment with the vibration of what your desire is. If you want to be more abundant in everything you do, you have to be vibrating abundance.


What would the vibration of abundance feel like? What does abundance feel like to you? Are you happy? Excited? Joyful? That is the emotion that you need to convey in order for the Law of Attraction to match your vibration so that it can bring you abundance..

My Secret to Manifesting.

I am going to tell you exactly what I do to manifest things into my reality. Step by step so that you will get a clearer view of what to do.

  1. Think of what you want to manifest. What is it that you want?
  2. Then make a list of at least 10 things that you are grateful for that you already have right now!
  3. Start saying “Thank you!” “Thank you!”
  4. Then say your gratitude list out loud. But start each sentence with I am so happy & grateful that I am ______. Or I am so happy & grateful that I have _______.
  5. As you start to feel the feeling of gratitude, your vibration will start to go up. Until finally you are vibrating at a higher level. (one of the highest to be exact) Then when you are done with what you are grateful for that you already have and while your vibrations are high, start saying what you want to manifest but say it like this; I am so happy & grateful now that I am ________. Or I am so happy & grateful now that I have _______.
  6. Then say Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  7. Take inspired action toward what you want to manifest. Example if you want to have a better job, start putting your resume out everywhere. Or if you want to be financially free, start acting as if you are wealthy right now! You have to put in some kind of action.
  8. And let it go. Don’t worry about the how. Don’t worry about how the universe is going to bring what you want to you. That is not your job. Your only job is to decide what you want & to get your vibrations up! So, forget about it.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Ask, believe, receive?”

Well, this is what that is just in a few extra steps. You are asking for what you want to manifest. You are believing it is on it’s way to you. You are taking inspired action to put you on the path toward alignment. And THEN you are open to receive what you want to manifest.

Don’t let doubt stop your manifestation. You have to KNOW that your desire is coming to you. Make it fun! Get your vibrations up by either practicing gratitude or being crazy happy.

What are some things you can do to get your vibrations up?

There are so many different ways that you can get your vibrations up. I mainly use gratitude because it works for me! I have manifested money. I have manifested love. I have manifested songs on the radio (like 3 times! lol.) I have manifested blogging opportunities!

It is such an awesome feeling when your manifestation comes to you into physical reality. And then you realize, holy crap, I created my own reality!

Here are a few things that you can do to get your vibrations up besides using gratitude. Just FYI.

  • Go to YouTube and put on some funny videos! Laughter will always get your vibrations up if it is real and not fake. You can tell when it is or not.
  • Listen to some awesome music that makes you want to get up and dance. Example; Happy by Pharrell. That is an awesome song to get your vibrations up.
  • Get outside in nature. Walk around in a park or just get outside in general. This will help to raise your vibrations.
  • Get your body moving! Exercise or just get up and dance around the house!

These will help you get an idea of some different things that you can do to get to feeling good and get your vibrations up.

So keep practicing. Learn the basics. Practice gratitude. Learn to get your vibrations up. And you will be manifesting your reality in no time!

What is one thing that I have done that has helped me immensely?


I have made gratitude a daily habit. I practice gratitude every single day.


{*Side note:  If you would like a really good resource on manifesting and gratitude, go to Amazon and pick up the book “The Magic” by Rhonda Byrne. That book is what really helped me and opened my eyes to all the negative reality I was manifesting. You will not regret buying this book. The very first chapter helped me immediately.}


Not only does learning about the Law of Attraction help you to manifest different things, feelings and experiences into your reality, it helps you to become a more positive person. And live a more positive, fulfilled life.


You start to realize all the things that you have taken for granted. And you start to appreciate your life more. Well, at least I do. It has taught me so much and opened my eyes up to a whole new way to look at life!


Life is not happening to you! You are creating your reality each and every day by the energy that you are vibrating out to the universe! Isn’t that like really amazing to find out! That puts you in control of your life. You can make your life as amazing as you want it to be!

Whether you believe that the Law of Attraction is a real thing or not. It is always working. It is always matching your vibrations. So why not intentionally use this amazing law to create the life that you want?


I hope this post has inspired you and opened your eyes to all that can be in your life! Keep coming back because I have a lot to teach you that I have learned over the years!


Have you ever manifested anything yet? What are some things that you have manifested? Do you believe that you can create your reality? Please feel free to leave me a comment below. I would love to connect with you!


And to learn more about the Law of Attraction check out my post What Is The Law of Attraction? 

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