How To Stop Worrying And Stressing Out

Are you in your mind too much lately? Too many thoughts stressing you out and making your worry? Keep on reading to find out how to stop those thoughts in there tracks.

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Are you constantly worrying and stressing out? In your head too much? Come on over to the blog to find out how to stop worrying and find peace again.

How To Stop Worrying And Stressing Out

I don’t know about you but I have days where I find myself just worrying and stressing out over every little thing. Today is one of those days. (Hence the blog post 😏)

I have had so much going on in my life lately on top of working 40+ hours full-time that I was literally ready to pull my hair out.

But thanks to all the coping skills and positive reinforcements that I have learned over the years, I was able to talk myself down and find PEACE.

And I want that for you too!

What Is The First Thing That You Can Do To Stop Worrying?

First things first. 

  • Recognize & Feel the feelings that are coming up.

When you catch yourself worrying, let yourself go thru the emotions. Feel the feelings. And instead of trying to wave them away as nothing, actually, take a minute to just be in the moment.

And then ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • What thoughts keep popping up?
  • Are the thoughts true?

After You Have Evaluated If The Thoughts Are True Or Not

Sit somewhere by yourself. No outside noise.

If you are in a busy household, like mine, put headphones in your ears. lol

This is what I do:

  • Take out a blank notebook & just start writing.
  • Write down everything that is bothering you. All the “thoughts” that are making you feel stress.
  • Then write down everything you have to be grateful for up to this point in your life. As you start to write down what you are grateful for, your thoughts and feelings will start to change. This is what you want.
  • Decide that you are going to take your power back from that monkey chatter in your head.
  • Meditate if the above exercise doesn’t help you. And even if it does! It’s always good to meditate and clear some space in your mind.

Taking the Time to Assess How You Are Feeling

And How You Are Talking to Yourself Will Help You Realize That They Are Just Thoughts. 

And that worry and stress are just a “feeling or emotion” that results in fear-based thoughts. Remember the ego is always working in fight or flight mode (survival mode).

You have to take the time to reassure yourself as well as your ego that everything is fine. And that everything is happening for a reason. You have to really use your TRUST & FAITH in your higher power. 

While doing my research I came across this awesome blog post: Worry And Anxiety Bible Verses.

In my case, I had to trust that God has a plan. And that everything is working out just the way that it is supposed to be.



Are you constantly worrying and stressing out? In your head too much? Come on over to the blog to find out how to stop worrying and find peace again.

Reframe The Way You Talk To Yourself

Instead of letting those fear-based thoughts take over & stress you out, reframe them.

Here is an example of a thought/belief. 

“I have so much to do. And not enough time in the day to get everything done. What am I going to do?” (see how this belief makes you feel tense? Check out how you feel after reading the statement below.)

Thought reframed: “I do have a lot to do today. But I know that I can do it if I will just take one thing at a time. It will all get done. I just have to be a little patient. And KNOW that I can do this. And I don’t have to get everything done in one day!! There is always time to do the most important things.. I just have to set my priorities.” (After reading this reframed belief doesn’t it feel lighter? More peaceful??)

It’s all in the way you look at things.

Your perspective on life is everything.

And when you can stop those limiting thoughts of worrying and self-doubt you will feel so much better. And you will recognize that it is nothing more than YOU limiting YOURSELF.

Get out of that fear-based reality and into the reality that everything is possible! And that God didn’t give you a spirit of fear but one of love. And where love is fear cannot reside.

Here are a few more things that you can do to help you get past those worrying/stressful thoughts:

  • Take a walk outside.
  • Do something to get your mind off of it. Watch a feel-good movie or video.
  • Sing a goofy song with your kids.
  • Get in your car and go for a ride.
  • Get online and distract yourself.
  • Help someone else out.
  • Pray about it. God is always there for us.
  • Talk to someone you are close with. Get your fears and worries out into the open. Make a plan.
  • Remember this too shall pass! (Because it really will. Everything is just temporary.)
  • Read some awesome articles from I Heart LOA

And anytime you are having a bad day or whatever.. Remember that tomorrow is another day and this feeling will pass. And you will find joy & peace again. 

Are you constantly worrying and stressing out? In your head too much? Come on over to the blog to find out how to stop worrying and find peace again.


That’s it for today guys! Short & sweet. But to the point.

I hope this article has helped you in some way. If this post has resonated with you, please consider sharing it out! I would really appreciate it!!


Till next time,



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