How To Use A Pendulum To Connect To Your Intuition

How To Use A Pendulum To Connect To Your Intuition

Last week on the blog we talked about your intuition and how you can tell the difference between your intuition and your thoughts. This week I thought we’d dive a little deeper into how to get answers from your intuition by using a pendulum. 

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by the blog! I’m so happy you’re here! I thought I would add this article to go with last week’s article on intuition by giving you a tool that you can use to connect to your intuition easily and KNOW that it is your intuition answering you and not just you thinking something!

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How To Use A Pendulum To Connect To Your Intuition. Using a pendulum as a tool to connect to your intuition can be fun and easy. Come on over to the blog to see exactly how I use my pendulum to help connect to my intuition and get answers that I know are coming from my higher-self.

You know sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s our intuition trying to guide us or the ego.

Just remember that our mind has an actual voice. The thoughts that we have chattering away in our head is NOT our intuition. That is the mind. Or the ego trying to keep you safe.

Your intuition is a “feeling” you get. It’s kinda like your 5 senses that you have, except this “sense” is an instinct that is trying to lead you on your path! It knows what is best for you! And it wants only the best things for you! I personally feel like the intuition is your spirit or higher-self trying to guide you!

It’s a force inside of you that is always with you and always guiding you! Take comfort in that thought!

How To Use A Pendulum To Connect To Your Intuition A Fun & Easy Way To Connect! from Amy Morton on Vimeo.

(Even tho I am laughing in this video doesn’t mean that I don’t respect my time with my intuition or higher-self. This video is meant to be a fun & easy way to show YOU how to use the pendulum. When you decide to connect to your intuition in private, that is a different story! Just saying! lol)

What Is A Pendulum

What exactly is a pendulum? Well here is the exact definition taken from the dictionary online. A pendulum is a weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing back & forth by gravity.

You can really use anything as a pendulum. As long as it has some weight to it! I like to use my crystal pendulum that I bought a while back when I first got into crystals!

Now Comes The Fun Part

How do you use a pendulum? You ask it questions! You can use it for many things. But in this instance, we are using the pendulum to answer questions from our intuition! The pendulum picks up on your vibrations! And I believe that it’s really your higher-self answering the questions!

First, you need to make sure that you can tell the difference in the movement of the pendulum for a YES & a NO answer!

Here you would ask your pendulum to show you “yes”, “no.” The reason is that not everyone gets answers the same way.

My pendulum swings outward for a yes. (which is if you shake your head yes, your head moves up & down, right? So my pendulum swings out and back for YES!)

For no, my pendulum swings side to side. (when you shake your head NO it moves side to side, kinda wild isn’t it?)

Don’t worry there will be a video of me asking my pendulum some questions! 

Start by asking your pendulum questions that are easy that you know are TRUE. 

The easiest question to start with is to ask it “is my name _____?”

Then ask your pendulum a question that you know is not true. 

When I did this I simply asked the pendulum is my name Amy? (which it is btw) and it said YES. Then I asked it, is my name Kathrin? And it said no! So I knew it was right on the money! You can ask it further questions until you are satisfied that it really is picking up on your vibration!

Another thing to be aware of when using the pendulum

You want to do this in private. As this is a connection between you and your higher-self you want to treat that time with respect and give it your undivided attention! Another thing is to NOT do this if you are not feeling good or tired. Only because YOU might interpret the answers wrong yourself!

How to hold it so that you don’t sway the answers

Take the chain or string or whatever your pendulum is hanging from and wrap it around your index finger. You can use your desk or table to support your elbow so that your arm doesn’t move at all. Make sure before you start that you hold the pendulum still so that it isn’t moving. Make sure there isn’t a fan blowing or anything like that to make it move! And start asking your questions!

Treat this process as something special between you & your intuition!

How to Use a Pendulum To Connect To Your Intuition. This week we are diving deeper into our intuition. Treat this process with respect because you are connecting to your higher-self. And the more you connect with it the more you will get in alignment. When you let your intuition lead your life you will be happier and have a more fulfilled life! Come on over to the blog to learn more

Because it totally is! This is your time to connect with your spirit or your higher-self! Respect the process. And the more in alignment you get with your intuition the more you can live a life of fulfilling purpose!

Announce out loud that you are beginning now. Say something like “I am now connecting with my spirit or connect me with my higher-self!”

Connecting to your intuition/spirit/soul/higher-self whatever you want to call it is going to help you grow as a person.

So many great things have already come to me just out of this journey of awakening that I have been on for the last couple of years.

My personal belief (it doesn’t have to be the same as yours, this is just MY belief)

My life has expanded in so many ways. I am truly happier than I have ever been in my life. And I believe that God has this purpose for all of us! I believe that when we connect with our spirit that we are connecting to God. Because we all have a piece of Him inside of us! He created you & me in the image of him by putting His spirit in each one of us.

Have you ever noticed when you pray sometimes that you just can’t find the right words? You know in the Bible it says that even if we can’t find the words that our spirit will testify on our behalf. And I believe that God knows our hearts by our spirit!

We don’t have to say anything! He already knows what’s in our hearts. And I think He is trying to lead us to our purpose by those desires that we have. That dream that you have in your heart that you want so bad. Why do you think it’s there? Do you think God put it inside of you for a reason? I do.

I am not ashamed to say that I believe in God. In fact, I am proud to say it. Learning about the Law of Attraction has lead me to personal development. But before even that I had my faith. My faith has only gotten stronger the more I have connected to my “inner” me.

I think eventually we all go thru this in divine timing. My life has changed so much. I know I say that a lot, but it truly has. And the only reason that I can come up with is that I have changed on the inside. My world now reflects those changes! And it is only getting better!

Doing the inner work is so worth it! If you will just take the time to connect to your intuition and your “inner” you, you will see this too!

I hope you have enjoyed this article. I will link some articles below that I think you might like. Please feel free to leave a comment. And remember that other people can learn from your comments as much as they can my article!

Do you use a pendulum to connect to your intuition? I would love to know. And please share this article out to others who are into personal development or spiritual growth! Thanks! 🙂

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