How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want.

How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want

Law of Attraction: How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want

There are many tips & techniques out there when it comes to doing different “things” when you are trying to manifest what you want.. One of the techniques is to use “scripting.”

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Today I am going to teach you a simple exercise that you can do from home, work, wherever you are to script out what you want your life to look like!

How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want. There are different tips and techniques when it comes to using the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want. In today's post we are talking about how you can use scripting to manifest what you want. Click the link to learn more!

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First of all, what is scripting?

Well, I’m sure when you think of scripting you think of actors studying scripts so that they can get their lines perfect in a movie. Or memorizing a script for a play etc.

Scripting is basically writing out your life story exactly how you want it to be. OR writing about a particular thing that you would like to manifest into your life. Whichever one you decide to focus on is totally up to you!

If you could mold your life into what you wanted it to be, what would you write down?? What would your life look like?

Some questions you can ask yourself to get your imagination flowing.

  • Would you be working at that perfect job or maybe running your own business?
  • Would you have employees? OR maybe a Virtual Assistant?
  • Where would you live? Would you live in your hometown or somewhere exotic and with beautiful beaches to walk on?
  • When you look out your window in the morning, what do you see?
  • While sitting drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea, what is around you?
  • Are you in a grand home or a cozy cabin?
  • Do you have kids around you? OR Is it just you and your sweetie?
  • Are you sitting at your awesome MacBook writing out the next installment of your series of children’s books?
  • And are you healthy and fit?
  • Are you happy & abundant? Are you financially free?

What would your life “story” read like, if someone was reading your autobiography??

We live in a dimensional reality.

What you are thinking, believing, acting on and speaking out of your mouth, you are bringing into your physical reality!

So use that knowledge as power to create what you want to appear in your life!!

Scripting is a great tool to use to write out “your story” the way you want it to be!
I think it’s a fun & easy way to use your imagination to help you create your reality. At the same time getting all of that out on paper helps you to really “see” what you want your life to be like!

Remember, while you are scripting “your story” to make sure that you write it out in the past tense. And you are inspired and light-hearted.

If you aren’t then I would wait until another day to write “your story.” You manifest things based on the vibrations that you are putting out to the universe.

So whatever feeling you are having that is what you are going to get back in the future.. We are creating our future through our thoughts, actions, and energy that we are having NOW! So have fun with this! Make it like a game so that you can open your mind and use your imagination to the fullest!

Why write it out in the past tense? Well according to Kathrin Zenkina of¬†Manifestation Babe¬†“writing it out in the past tense helps your subconscious mind accept it as truth faster than it would if you wrote it in the present or future tense!”

Some great resources that helped me learn more about scripting.

An awesome book that I recommend if you don’t have it already is “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” by Kathrin Zenkina from¬†Manifestation Babe.¬†I have learned so much from Kathrin. I am in her Facebook group called¬†Manifestation Babes¬†(that now has over 40,000 people in it btw!) it is an awesome group & I have learned so much! So go sign up for it now! You will love it too!

How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want. A great resource I mention in my article is this book by Kathrin Zenkina of Kathrin is an awesome teacher when it comes to manifesting money. I highly recommend checking her out!

And another great book that talks about scripting in it is by Mike Dooley from¬†¬†called “Playing The Matrix.”

In his book, he talks about how he started scripting in 1983. And he saved those pages that he scripted out to show other people exactly what he did. And to prove to them that it does work. I have this book on Kindle and love it! He is the brain behind “Notes From The Universe.”

We have been taught all wrong this whole time up till now!

We can’t beg, plead, be desperate and expect money to show up in our life..¬†If you complain constantly that you are broke, then guess what? What is the universe going to give you more of? Yep, just more of the same!

Your mindset really affects every aspect of your life, so use it to your advantage. Not to your disadvantage. Don’t let your ego sway you either. It will tell you that you are lying. Just ignore it.

I have manifested many different things in my life

I have manifested a better paying job, an awesome relationship, money, songs on the radio, etc.. So many different things! When I first learned about LOA I was so skeptical of it. But after trying it out for myself and changing my vibration to one of gratitude, that was all it took for me to start manifesting things that I wanted.

You can do this too! Try scripting and see how that helps you! Like I said, it’s a great technique to use to get your mind open and your imagination flowing! It will help you learn to change your perspective on life.

I think anything that can help you shift your mindset from negative to positive is a good thing! When you can learn to recognize your thought patterns (when they are headed toward negativity) and switch it to a positive thought, it starts to become easier & easier the more you do it!

I do this all the time at work when I notice my thoughts are leaning toward the negative side. I am changing them as I think. And I have noticed how much easier it is every time I do it. You can too!

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can use scripting to manifest what you want.

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