How To Value Yourself And Claim That Awesome Power Within You

Self-worth is a hard commodity to come by. Do you know that no one on this earth is exactly like YOU? Have you learned to truly value yourself? If not, you are giving away the awesome power that is within you!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by my lil neck of the woods! I am so happy that you are here. If you are new to the blog, my name is Amy the blogger behind I Heart LoA and here we like to talk about things like self-worth, personal development, being our best selves, and all the woo-woo that comes with being spiritual AF. 

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I am big into all the Universal Laws, but the Law of Attraction is what opened the door to my spiritual awakening.

When you really value yourself & your self-worth it is a powerful thing. Being free to be who you really are on the inside is unlike anything in the world. It offers freedom that nothing else can give you. Come on over and read the post. As always there is a video included. Giving you examples from my life experience. When you are being true to yourself it opens up a whole new world. Click the link to learn more.


How Do You Value Yourself?

Are you the type of person that already knows your self-worth? If you are, then you are lucky.

Or you might be like I was:

  • Did not know my self-worth at all.
  • I really was just surviving in life.
  • Gave up on my dreams.
  • Never raised my standards.
  • Always felt like I had to have permission or approval to do things that mattered to me.
  • I settled for what life gave me.

All of my life, I had been searching for approval from other people to just be me. Did they like me? Was I doing the right thing? What kind of job could I take that would show people that I was a hard worker and a giver? Did I look good to society?

Always looking on the outside to find value within me. 

But did any of those questions really make me feel complete on the inside? Did they make me want to jump up out of bed and truly just live that day?  A big HELL NO!

It took me getting sick & tired of being sick & tired to finally really look at myself in the mirror and say

Enough is Enough! There has to be more to life than this. There has to be more to ME than this!

You Have To Look Within To Truly Find Your Value.

Nothing on the outside is going to give you the feeling of value or self-worth. It all comes down to you declaring to yourself that you are enough!

When you finally decide that you are enough just the way you are, your life seems to look different to you.

  • No more putting on airs.
  • No more trying to people-please.
  • No more being something that you are not!

There is FREEDOM in accepting and truly valuing yourself.

A Part of Finding Your Self-Worth and Valuing Yourself is by Raising Your Standards

  • How you let other people treat you. Or how you “feel” they treat you.

This one I can talk to you from personal experience. And I am going to give you an example of giving your power away. This part of the post I made a video for you. This video is an example from my life where I let the way someone was treating me affect me. And I let them intimidate me. But then something happened. To find out more hit play!

This is a really long read so if you don’t feel like reading the whole thing you can watch the video I made for you.

I have been at the new job that I manifested for almost 10 months now. I truly like my job but of course, it isn’t my dream career as of yet. But anyways, it takes a long time to make full-time here. But the pay is good so I stick with it.

  • There is this one chick that works there that really has just a nasty attitude. She rolls her eyes at people. And she talks to people that don’t kiss her ass like they are stupid & like she doesn’t have the time of day to spare a minute to them.

But the problem is I have to deal with her on a daily basis because she is the one that is over getting our material to us so that we can do our jobs, right.

  • So, I tried it the “old Amy” way by being extra nice to her & kind. I always was pleasant to her. And went out of my way to smile at her and show her that I was a friendly person.

Did that do me any good? I truly wasn’t being myself around her because I “felt” intimidated by her.

Was she really like I described or was I projecting my own insecurities onto her?

I would feel so intimidated that I would literally wait until I was almost out of parts before I would go to her and tell her that I needed her to get me something..

  • Finally, I got tired of feeling that way. And I realized that I was giving my power to her by letting her ruin my day.

So every time I had to deal with her from then on out, I would say to myself

“Does she have power over my life? Or do I? Stop giving your power away and hold that head up. Step into your POWER!”

And it worked! And I continued to use this anytime I had to go ask her for something. 

Finally, I got to know her a little better. And found out why she was the way she was.

  • Because this lady was over-worked to the extreme.

She has to be at work even on Sundays if just one person decides to volunteer to work that day.

She is the one that has to run around the whole warehouse and get everyone their parts so that they can all do their jobs.

  • She has a lot of responsibility.

And while I may not like her attitude,  I can understand why she is the way she is.

  • I have compassion for her now.

And really “seeing” her with new eyes and as another human being who probably has insecurities just like I do totally changed the way I felt about her. And now instead of being intimidated, I am compassionate. And not scared in the least to tell her what I need.

By asking yourself: Am I giving my power away? Will help you step into your power. 

For some other resources on your own personal power here is a great article that I found during my own research.

Are You Giving Away Your Personal Power

Your self talk.

How do you talk to yourself when you are alone. And it’s just you. You on the inside. The thoughts that rise up.

  • Are you constantly putting yourself down?
  • Do you tell yourself that you aren’t good enough? That you will never be good enough.
  • That your life sucks?
  • That you are always broke all the time, etc.

Your words are your super-power! And when you are talking negatively to yourself you are just empowering those negative things to appear in your life!!! WTF??? I am so serious!

Ever since I started changing the way I talk to myself. And affirming that I am an amazing person worthy of an awesome life, my life started changing so much for the better!

You can do this too!  Use Power Affirmations. What are power-affirmations? They are affirmations that start with “I am.”

Like these:

  • I am abundant AF!
  • I am an awesome blogger.
  • I am an amazing wife and mother.
  • I am so happy that it affects everyone around me.

To read more about affirmations and the Power of “I Am” click the links below.

How To Use Affirmations To Manifest What You Want

Claiming Your Power By Creating Your I Am List

How you feel about yourself

How do you feel about the person you are?

Really ask yourself some deep thoughtful questions.

What do you value about yourself?

You are what you continue to tell yourself. The story that you have created about who you are, that is who you are being. But have you ever stopped to question that story? Is it yours or someone else’s?

Instead of seeing all the negative things that you think are a part of you, have you ever tried to find the good things about yourself? When you concentrate on what all you don’t like about yourself is it any wonder that you are down on yourself?

I had to break this bad habit.

I decided that I was thru with being negative all the time. And that I was going to really work on my strengths. This does not happen overnight. But you will get to the point where you are tired of trying to please other people. And you just want to be YOU. That is your strength, not your weakness.

Diving into personal development and reading a lot of self-help books has totally helped me appreciate the person that I am. And all the differences that make me unique. Those are my strengths, just like they are yours!

Ways that you can learn to feel better about yourself:

  • Listen to personal development podcasts on the daily.
  • Read or watch videos on spirituality and going within yourself
  • Meditation.
  • Really diving deep within yourself and finding that small voice inside you that is just waiting to be heard.
  • Journaling out how you feel.

Getting those negative emotions out of you. And instead of ignoring them, learn to question them.

  • Are they really true?
  • Why do you feel that way?

Most of the time it all leads back to something that happened in our childhood. How you are trained to be by your parents. How someone else made you feel.

But remember, you are not that child anymore.

And now is your time to realize that you don’t have to have approval or ask for permission to be you! And learn to love yourself! 

Here is an awesome article I found for you that will help you go deeper into yourself: Get To Know Yourself: 29 Questions To Discover The Real You

How to value yourself & claim your power that is within you. Respect yourself and your life to know that you are enough and you are perfect just the way you are.

Not letting your inner critic rule your day.

We all have that voice that is inside our head telling us that we aren’t good enough.

I have it.

You have it.

We are born with it. It is called the Ego.

And it is installed in us to be a survival mechanism. It is there to keep you safe. We may have needed it a long long time ago, but truly we don’t need it as much in this day and time. So breaking out of the habit of letting your ego run your life takes some doing. But it can be done.

It’s called the “monkey mind” here in the personal development world. I’m sure you have heard that said before.

But if you are wanting to truly live life, you have to take risks! You can’t play it safe your whole life. What kind of life would that be if you never truly felt ALIVE? 

So,  how can you quiet that inner critic? 

Meditation is a great way to silence the critic within. Learning to be the observer of my thoughts has really helped me stop those negative thoughts in their tracks.

I have an awesome video on meditation that really helped me. It made is easy. And it made me actually want to do it every day.

You can find that video by clicking the link here: A Super Easy Way To Meditate

This new to me way of meditation has truly made sitting still long enough to meditate super easy for me. And I know it will help you too! Go ahead and click the link, it will pull up a separate tab so you won’t lose your place here.

When you really value yourself & your self-worth it is a powerful thing. Being free to be who you really are on the inside is unlike anything in the world. It offers freedom that nothing else can give you. Come on over and read the post. As always there is a video included. Giving you examples from my life experience. When you are being true to yourself it opens up a whole new world. Click the link to learn more.


It’s been a long road for me to get to where I am within myself.

To find peace. To realize that I am worthy of an awesome life!

And I just want that for you too.

Diving into spirituality and learning about the Law of Attraction has helped me more than anything to want to be the best version of myself that I can be.

The first thing that I adopted on this road of discovery was *gratitude*

That’s where I started. And that is what I recommend to you too. If you are just now entering the world of personal development and spirituality, I truly recommend starting with gratitude. Writing down what you are grateful for every day. Saying it out loud. Being grateful opens up a whole new perspective on life! Try it!

Just remember this:

  • Realizing that you are amazing just the way you are and to truly value all the things that make you different from someone else.
  • Knowing that you don’t need anyone’s approval to be YOU.
  • And also knowing that you don’t need anyone’s permission to live life the way that you want to live it.
  • Seeing your differences as strengths, not weaknesses.

I truly hope you have enjoyed this *extra long post this week.

If it resonates with you in any way, please consider sharing it out. 



Blogging to you about my spiritual journey is my passion and it totally lights me up inside. I truly love helping you dive deep into yourself and to see that you can bring forth the real you. The soulful you!

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  1. I had this moment today. I’d just published a book and it hadn’t done well. This was my 17th book. I was feeling so low. And I realised in a moment. I can’t go on this way – this is not my worth. SO, I decided to have my own worth!

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