Law of Attraction: How To Set Your Intention

We are almost halfway into January of the new year. How’s your New Year’s Rez working out? Do you know that only 8% of people that set their New Year’s Resolutions actually achieve them? That is rough to look at I know. What’s even harder to look at is the statistic that 92% of people that set their resolutions NEVER achieve them! But you are not going to be in the 92% are you?

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Law of Attraction: How To Set Your Intention. Come on over to read the post on how to set your intention. Setting your intention can really help you get clear on what you want to manifest into your life. This article will help you to make this a habit into your daily routine. So click the link!

What Do New Year’s Resolutions Have To Do With Setting Your Intention??

Well, really if you think about it, your New Year’s Rez’s are nothing but GOALS! And when you think about setting your intention- You are setting a goal for yourself for the day, the week, or even for your life! Like, is it your intention to live your dream life? Or how about- you are setting an intention to own the car of your dreams.

To me, setting your intention is nothing more than setting a goal.

But I don’t want you to think of it as hard. Because although it may seem hard to achieve your goals sometimes, we are gonna break this down so that it will be easy!

Are you ready?

Ok. Let’s get to it.

What Exactly Does It Mean When You Say Setting Your Intention?

Setting your intention just means that you are getting clear about what you want to manifest. And you are intending for this thing or experience to manifest itself into your life (reality.) ok. got that?

How do you go about setting your intention? 

  1. Get abso-lute-ly freakin clear on what you want to manifest. What do you want to ask God/Universe/Source for?
  2. Make sure your vibrations are up (high) before you even try to set your intention or it’s not going to do you any good.  I suggest saying what all you are grateful for and really, truly feel that grateful feeling.
  3. Say it out loud in a sentence as if you are declaring it to the freakin world. Use it in a sentence but start the sentence with “I AM.” When you use “I AM” these are powerful words. Make it a power affirmation!  It means that you are going to do something. And it evokes power when you use these two words together! So using them will make your subconscious believe it!

Law of Attraction: How To Set Your Intention. Come on over to read the post on how to set your intention. Setting your intention can really help you get clear on what you want to manifest into your life. This article will help you to make this a habit into your daily routine. So click the link!

Some Examples Of Using I Am In Your Intentions

  • I am having an amazing day
  • I am confident & positive in everything I do
  • I am taking action every day in every way
  • I am so abundant in all that I do

How Often Should You Set Your Intentions?

This is totally up to you. But I am going to start by setting mine every day. I have decided that I am going to make it a part of my morning routine. I am going to start calling it “My Power Hour.” If you would like some examples of what you can do to fit in setting your intentions for the day, etc. Just keep following along.

We all know that if you want to reach your goals or dreams, you have to first start by deciding what you want. But did you know that by writing them down and reviewing them and OFTEN, you have a much higher percentage rate of actually achieving them? This is a proven statistic. And you can find the article that I wrote about that Why Writing Down Your Goals Are Important?

Daily, Weekly Or Monthly – You Decide

If you are like me and have decided that the best way to really get what you want out of life is by setting your intentions every day, then one thing that is really gonna help you stay committed to the process is by making sure you have a trigger set up to help you incorporate “setting your intention” into a habit.

If you can make it a habit, then soon it will become a belief.

And as with any belief that you hold, your subconscious mind takes it as the truth. And that is what you want. You want your subconscious to pick this belief up and do it on auto-pilot.

What Are Some Things That You Can Use As A Trigger To Help You To Make This Part Of Your Habits or Routines?

If you have been a reader of this blog, then you know that I have incorporated gratitude into my everyday routine. I have made saying what I am grateful for an everyday habit. And this is important to me. Why? Because by being grateful for what I have now in my life, it keeps bringing me more things to be grateful for. And it has totally changed my life and made it so much better!

You can do this with setting your intentions too.

But first, you need to find something that you do every day that comes naturally to you to use as a trigger. 


  • Making your morning cup of coffee
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Taking a shower
  • Putting your makeup on
  • Cooking breakfast
  • Before you meditate or after
  • Getting ready for work
  • The drive to work, etc

When I was first making gratitude a habit, I started off by trying to sit down and write them out in my journal.

Well, before you knew it, I would forget. Why? Because it wasn’t yet a habit. And I didn’t have a trigger (something that I did automatically to remind me.)

As soon as I would remember that I hadn’t written them down, I would just start saying them out loud. And that was usually when I was on my way to work. So, I decided that since I couldn’t stick with writing them down, that I would just continue to say them in the car as I drove to work. And this really worked! And here we are a year + later and I am still doing it! It became a habit to me.

So, if you can find your trigger. Something that is gonna remind you that you need to set your intention for the day, then you are halfway there to making this a habit in your life.

And really when you think about it,

Our habits and routines that we do on a daily basis are what make up our lives. They are things that we automatically do. Because we have been doing them for so long.

This is the key! 

If you can incorporate setting your intention into your daily routine, can you imagine how you can change your life and your mindset? No matter if things don’t go as planned that day.

One thing I have learned on this journey that I am on

When it comes to manifesting and making my life better is that before things get better and before you will start seeing results in your life, it will feel like it’s not working.

Things will not go the way you intended at first. And you will feel like it’s not working. Or you will feel like things are getting worse instead of better. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that though. That is just the changes that are being made on the inside of you.

You are so used to “your world” being a certain way. You are used to the circumstances of your life being a certain way. And when you decide to change yourself and your reality, the universe has to shake things up and rearrange things in your life.

Example of this:

If you are trying to break the habit of caffeine in your life. Do you feel worse or better first as you go thru the days ahead without your caffeine fix?

First, you will start to feel bad before you feel good. You have to let go of the toxins that are in your body. And that letting go phase, you can liken that to the change in your daily routine. And especially in manifesting, when you have lived a certain way your whole life, and now all of the sudden you have realized that to change you have to change YOU first before you will ever see any change on the outside in your physical reality. 

So, of course, it will seem as if it’s not working, or things are getting worse. If it does feel like that to you, don’t despair. It just means that you are on the right track and things will soon get better and you will start to see that setting your intention to manifest the life you want is indeed working! So don’t give up, if you don’t see results right away. Learn patience. 

You can read more on things getting worse before they get better by checking out some of these articles: Why Things Have To Get Worse Before They Can Get Better ~ Erica Brose & Why Things Get Worse Before They Get Better ~ Thriving After 40

Learn to let go and trust that your manifestation is coming to you.

Know that in fact, it is already in front of you, you just can’t see it yet, because you haven’t gotten to where you truly believe it will happen. Just put your total faith in the process. Don’t let your ego talk you out of it. Don’t let that self-doubt creep in. Learn to believe before you see!

You can do this!

I love to look at this quote on my desk. In fact, it is sitting right beside me as I write this to you. I want you to have faith in your higher power & in yourself!

Here’s the quote:

Law of Attraction: How To Set Your Intention. Come on over to read the post on how to set your intention. Setting your intention can really help you get clear on what you want to manifest into your life. This article will help you to make this a habit into your daily routine. So click the link!


Setting your intention is nothing but getting clear on what you want to manifest into your life.

Planning for it. Setting it as your goals. And really seeing it and taking inspired action to bring it closer and closer to you!

So if you want that home or car, set your intention of exactly what car you want or what kind of house you want to live in. Get clear. See it in your mind’s eye. Feel the interior. Feel the feeling of what it would be like when you have that car or home that you have been wanting.

What would it feel like to you? Start doing something now that is going to give you that feeling. When you can feel the feelings NOW, KNOW that you can manifest whatever you want into your reality.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. And I hope it’s helped you in some way. Let me know you have stopped by. Say hi in the comments. And if you did like this post, please consider sharing it out! I would really appreciate it if you would take a few seconds to hit that share button! Thank you so much!

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