How To Make Manifesting Fun

You’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. You’ve even given it a go yourself. Still not working for ya? Stick around and find out how to make manifesting fun!

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I believe that we all have magic inside of each and every one of us.. The key is finding that magic and bringing it to the surface..

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Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.

Today we are gonna talk about manifesting using the Law of Attraction. If you have been to the blog before you know I have several posts on manifesting. And you can find them all by typing in “manifesting” in the search bar of this blog, ok.

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How To Make Manifesting Fun

Do you feel like all your manifesting efforts aren’t working? You have been holding your positive thought for 17 seconds. Writing down your goals. Dreaming and still… Nothing?

Well, today I’m going to let you in on a little secret that might help you..

When you make manifesting fun, your vibration goes up.. You get all excited.. And inspiration comes to you in the form of inspired action.. What you do with that action after it hits you, is the deal breaker! 

How can we make manifesting fun?

Here are a few ways that you can make your manifesting practice fun..

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Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.

Act As IF

Act as if you already have the thing you want to manifest. When you act as if, you are stepping into your higher self.

You are BEING the person that already has the things/experiences that you are desiring. 

Doesn’t acting as if mean you are lying??

Not really, you are just stepping into your confidence instead of letting those limiting beliefs that you hold onto take over your life.

We weren’t put on this earth to be so freakin meak and mild.

We were put on this earth to live! And to live life abundantly.

How are you making your Creator proud of you if you are holding onto self-made limiting beliefs about yourself???

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t. And if you do this long enough you yourself will start to believe it. And that is what you want.

You want to step into your highest self.

The self that is confident, abundant AF and knows that they deserve everything they desire! You are worthy of everything that you are dreaming about. It wouldn’t be inside of you if you weren’t!


I think scripting is my favorite way of manifesting. It’s easy and it opens the mind up to the possibilities that are out there.

When you script out what you want to manifest, I personally script it in the past tense. That way I feel like I already have it..

Don’t script in future tense or you will forever be wishing and waiting for your desires. 

Example of future tense: I am so grateful that I am getting that awesome car that I want.. You will forever be getting.. See what I mean?

But if you script it out in the past tense it looks more like this: I am so grateful for the Lexus that I drive. I love that car. She is so reliable and dependable. I know I can go anywhere in the world driving my Lexus. Best investment that I ever made!

For a detailed article on scripting check out this article: How To Use Scripting To Manifest What You Want

Vision Board

I love my vision board. And making vision boards are so much fun.. Cutting out pictures of things that you want or places you want to go to opens your mind up and gets you excited about it all coming to pass.

Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.

Here are a few ways you can make a vision board: 

You can do a digital vision board or a physical vision board.

I prefer a vision board that I can actually touch. So I have a physical one right in front of my desk. And since I am at my computer most days, I see it every single day!!

To make a physical vision board you will need:

*If you are like me and don’t really do the magazine thing, get online and use google images. Type in everything that you want and print out pictures of it. That’s what I do.. Just make sure you have plenty of ink for your printer! lol

Get excited about designing your dream life and manifesting what you want into your reality! The more excited you are the faster your desires will come to you. 

Before you start placing items on your vision board, set your intention. What do you want? Think of a word that describes how you want to feel. Place that word on your vision board so that you can see it every day! 

While you are placing your items on your vision board imagine it has already happened. The countries you want to visit you are already there.

See it in your mind.

Smell the salt in the air if you are at the ocean. Hear the busy traffic, the children laughing.

All around you everyone is happy and having fun. Can you see it yet?

Making a vision board not only gets you excited about your life but when you see these things in front of you everyday it helps you to open your mind and imagination. Always be open to possibilities and opportunities. It’s when we close ourself off to the possibilities that we aren’t able to let those possibilities into our life.

To make a digital vision board there are all kinds of apps out there that you can use. I made one by using the Hay House Vision Board app on iPhone. 

Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.

Alter Ego

Did you know that Beyonce & Lady Gaga both have alter egos? YES they do. You can look it up. They both use their alter egos and get into that frame of mind before they step foot on stage. And look what it has done for their life!

They have stepped into their highest self in order to make their dreams come true. And so can you! 

I was listening to a podcast the other day on the Influencer Podcast and Todd Herman was talking about how most athletes, as well as superstars, create alter egos for themselves so that they can do what they need to do.

So they can go out there and play that game in front of thousands of people or go out there and be that star that the audience is expecting to see.. (To listen to this episode you can find it by clicking the link Influencer Podcast)

So Create an Alter Ego For Yourself

How do you do that?

  • Envision the person that you want to be
  • Name her/him
  • What is she/he wearing?
  • What do they do?
  • What do they want?
  • Who is surrounding them?
  • Where do they live?

Picture that person in your mind and name her/him. Step into that vision. Become that person. 

I have an alter ego for myself. (Although no one knows about it except now they do. lol) I named her Anastasia. I can see her in my mind. I see what she is doing, how she is dressed. How abundant she is and how she has taken her business to a new level. It’s all about stepping into this person. Becoming them!

I have noticed anytime I decide to pull Anastasia out by saying “I am Anastasia” that my back straightens up automatically. I stand a little taller. I feel differently. 

Try it and see if this works for you too!

Online (Mental) Shopping Spree

Ok this one is easy as well as fun to do. Pick a store online that you want to mentally shop from. And start putting everything you want into your cart.

You don’t have to actually buy the things. But you can still envision yourself purchasing everything that you desire.

That beautiful ring that you have been wanting  💍

The clothes that you know you would look so cute in 👗👙

That Kate Spade bag that you just love 👝 (to see my Kate Spade Bag check out this article My Much Needed Vacation To Hilton Head Island Pics Included)

Make A Mantra & Use Affirmations But Make Them Fun For YOU:

Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.

All of These Are Super-Fun Ways To Manifest What You Want. But Remember One Thing That Will Help You The Most.

Your emotions are what creates your vibrations. Ok?

Don’t be scared to be emotional. Use those emotions.

If you are feeling down don’t ignore the feeling. But don’t focus too much on it either.

Let it flow thru you.

Feel the feelings.

And then let them go.

Move on.

Don’t wallow or ruminate on them.

And especially don’t talk about them.

I know as humans we have this habit of talking about all the crap in our life.. But change that habit to talking about all the good things that are happening in your life!!

When you are feeling good and excited have you noticed that is when you feel inspired the most??


Notice that is when you will also receive inspired action..

Act upon that action.

Whatever you feel called to do at that moment, do something with it..

And as you take action, more nudges will guide you. And so on!

Acting upon the inspired action that you feel will help you to get into alignment with your highest self. And will manifest the life that you know you should be living. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article today! I know I enjoyed writing it for you..

I love it when I feel inspired and excited about life. I want that for you too. I always write when I feel inspired to do so. So I hope that comes across to you. I hope you feel it in my writing..  And I hope it inspires you to take action in your life and manifest the life you have always wanted!

Till Next Time



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Having a hard time manifesting? You do all the things and still nothing? Come on over and let me show you how to make manifesting fun so that you can manifest what you want! Click the link to find out more.






I am a Personal Development blogger who blogs about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo. I love teaching about the mindset & helping other people overcome their circumstances & create a life they love.


  1. Debbie says:

    I really enjoy your blog! I feel I can relate to your posts more than other manifesting bloggers, you are very down to earth! Thank you.

    1. amy says:

      Hey Debbie,

      I am so glad you like the blog. That really makes me feel good that you can resonate with what I have to say. And I definitely am down to earth. I want people to feel that when they come here. To know that everything I say is from my personal experiences. And to feel my message to them and to be able to relate to it. You make me so happy with your comment! You just made my day.. Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you will come back!!


  2. Lucky says:

    Back again 🙂
    I really love your blog!
    Fun is so important otherwise we’d become depressive waiting for our manifestations 😉
    I really enjoy scripting! I love it! As a kid I enjoyed writing stories and today … some say that one should write a page per day but sometimes I need to write four or more pages to get into a flow state – even if I’m sad or worry about the “how” (which we shouldn’t do) I come up with a story which makes me happy and lifts me up 🙂
    And I know that everything I write down comes true one day as soon as I let it come into my life – I only need to be patient. Believe it or not – I’m one of the most patient persons in the world 🙂
    Have a good one and you do a really good job with your blog :*

    PS: I can only print black/white so I’ve got my vision board as a background on my cellphone 🙂

    1. Hey Lucky,

      Ha! Thanks for coming back!!! I am so glad that you are enjoying the blog!! That makes me so happy 🙂 you don’t even know!

      I love using my blog as a creative outlet as well as using it to help inspire others. And when I hear from my readers it just lets me know that I am doing something good in the world!

      I use journaling too. Getting all of those beliefs out on paper and in front of you where you can see them helps me to evaluate if they are actually true or not. Or if they are just something that I have been telling myself over & over.

      When I first started learning about the law of attraction it resonated with me so much. I saw how my negative self-talk had impacted and shaped my life. Now that I am aware of how that affects your mindset, I go a little easier on myself.

      Your mindset affects everything about your life. And journaling is a great way to not only manifest but to help you with limiting beliefs.

      I love that you have your vision board on your cellphone. That’s a great place for it. Because we look at our phones daily! I have an affirmation on my phone. It says, “Things are Becoming Easier For Me.” lol And you know what? They totally are! Because I believe they are!

      I’m so glad you stopped back by and said hi! Can’t wait to talk to you again!!! 🙂


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