Manifesting Does Not Have To Be HARD

Manifesting Does Not Have To Be Hard

Hi guys! Today’s post we are talking all about manifesting! And the fact that manifesting does not have to be hard.

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Manifesting Does Not Have To Be HARD

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We are the ones that make it hard. Why? Because we think it’s like magic? Or do we think of the Law of Attraction like a genie in a bottle that only comes out when we remember to use it intentionally?


*And for the ones that don’t want to read the whole article, here’s a short little 2 min video for you summarizing the post!*




That is not how the Law of Attraction & Manifesting work! It works whether we want it to or not, whether we believe that its working or not. It just IS! Just like we are. We are in a state of BEING! And our vibrations are constantly being sent out to the universe, and the universe mirrors our vibrations, therefore, sending manifestations back to our physical reality!

So, how can we learn to let go and let manifesting come to us easily?

First, we have to know that the Law of Attraction is working constantly. It is in a state of being just like we are.

What we see in our physical reality is just the mirrored image that the universe is sending back to us. Do you like what you are seeing? Or experiencing? If not, then you have got to make some changes to your vibrations and what you are sending out to the universe.

When you find yourself not liking your reality.

There is a way you can change this. You can change your vibrations by deciding to feel good! I know sometimes that this may seem hard to do, but really if you have decided that enough is enough and you are changing your reality. Then it is time for you to learn some tricks to get your vibrations where you want them to be. It’s all about the emotions & feelings that you are vibrating.

What Can I Do To Get My Vibrations Where I Want Them To Be?

  • practice gratitude (easiest & fastest way that I have learned to get my vibrations up!)
  • Change how I am feeling by listening to an awesome podcast ( Like this one from Manifestation Babe Herself here) She is one of the reasons that I love to learn about manifesting! I will talk more about her in a later post!
  • Turn on something hilarious from YouTube like (this one here!) 
  • Get yo butt up and get outside!! (I am lucky to have a park right across my street that I love to go to and just start walking! Get’s me into nature and exercising at the same time! Makes me appreciate my life!)

Do I have to do all of the steps to manifesting?

If you think you need to do all of the steps to manifesting, then guess what? You do. But if you can change your story to Manifesting is Easy and I can manifest easy! Then no you do not.

What are the usual steps to manifesting?

  • set your intention – what do you want to manifest
  • write out 10 things that you are grateful for or create a gratitude journal (you can find my post on that here) this is to get your vibrations up fast & well it makes me feel good!
  • Say THANK YOU!
  • Take inspired action toward what you want to manifest. You want to become an awesome blogger.. well go buy that website/hosting and get started! Here is the awesome host that I use! (SiteGround)
  • And then let it go! Set it & forget it! Start going with the natural flow of things.

How do you just BE?

Have you ever really looked at the word behave? What does BEHAVE mean? Well according to which you can find here  , it means to act in a particular way. And it also means to act or react under given circumstances.

Let’s break that word down. Be Have. To Be is To Have. That is the way that I see that word! The way we are being is attracting what we are having! Or will be having. So remember that!! A little food for thought by the way!

Most of the time we are reacting to what life is giving us!

But if you want to change your reality and manifest what you want, you are going to have to start getting into the natural flow of things.

So just BE.

Watch how you react to stuff! Because when you react to negative things you are changing your manifestations!

When you are in control of your vibrations, you are Being! You aren’t reacting.

You are acting! You are vibrating what you want to vibrate in order to manifest what you want!!!

*So stop making manifesting harder than what it really is.

Know that you can change your story.

You can change your beliefs at any time. It is up to you! Expect & know that what you want is manifesting right at this moment. And guess what? If that is what you know & expect than that is what you will get!!

It really all comes down to the story that you tell yourself in your mind. So if you change your story, you can change your life! And you can find that article here.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on manifesting! And if you have or have anything that you would like to add, please drop me a comment in the comment section below! I love to hear from my readers! And I would love it if you would take the time to subscribe today! To keep up with any new posts and to find out what we are doing here at I Heart LOA to manifest the life that we want!


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  1. I dig it Amy. The thing that I love: being, in the moment, without any strong agenda, opens you up to everything. Manifesting neat stuff is the natural effect of a being cause. Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. amy says:

      Hey Ryan. Thanks for stopping by. Yes! I love your comment! Just being in the natural flow of things. When you feel good, you attract good! That’s the way I see it. No use in making it harder than it has to be! But you know our mind tries to make everything harder than it really is. Until we learn that it’s just the ego talking. Thanks for taking the time to comment!! You rock!


  2. prithika says:

    how to believe that my wish is getting manifested without being negative

    1. Hey Prithika,

      Thanks for stopping by the blog. When I first got into manifesting, I was so skeptical of it. And my subconscious mind would not let me manifest big things at first. It kept telling me I was lying that there was no way I was going to manifest “that.”

      Start small. If your subconscious mind is piping up and telling you that you can’t manifest something, I always start by manifesting something more believable. Then when I do manifest the small thing, it is way easier for me to manifest something bigger. Because you then have proof that manifesting works.

      It’s all about the beliefs that you have about life & in yourself. Instead of being your biggest critic, ask yourself how can I be my biggest cheerleader? How can I learn to believe in myself & my abilities?
      It’s all about your mindset. Work on your mindset. Shift the way it thinks. If you don’t think you can do something ask yourself why? Let your intuition help you.

      This blog is full of posts that will help you learn how to manifest. And how to change your belief systems. Or the stories we tell ourselves. I hope you find it useful. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Explore the blog further by using the search bar and typing in what you need to know. I have got hundreds of posts that will help you.


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