How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Dreams

How to stay motivated to achieve your dreams! Hey guys!  I am so glad that you have stopped by to read this post today! This one is important for me to get out to the world. Why? Because I think that everyone that has a dream in their heart should make that dream a reality!

How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Dreams. Are you having trouble staying motivated when it comes to your goals/dreams? If so, this post is for YOU! Come on over to the blog to read how you can build momentum to stay motivated to achieve your dreams!



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You have a dream inside of you for a reason!

Don’t ever let anyone else tell you that your dream is silly or unrealistic! This bugs me to no end when people laugh at others’ dreams.

What is reality anyway? Reality is simply the physical world in which we live in. But you know if you have been reading this blog that you can take what is in your imagination and make it a physical reality! What you think, say, believe & put action towards can become your physical reality.

Now if you want some motivation to achieve your dreams, you have come to the right place!

Because I am going to list for you all the things that I have been doing to not only stay motivated but to actually achieve my dreams.

It’s all about the habits that you make! Have you ever heard the quote “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” ~Jim Rohn

Motivation Quote by Jim Rohn

This quote has so much truth to it. You do have to be motivated to get started. Have you ever noticed though that when you go to set your New Year’s Eve Resolution that more times than not that by the end of Jan of the new year, you have already failed at it! It’s because you don’t make it a daily habit.

Dreams are much the same. That big dream that is in your heart is there for a reason. It’s more than likely your purpose or passion. It’s a spark of wanting something more. But how do you take it from just a spark to a blaze? Keep reading!

Start With The End In Mind

Start at the end. Not the beginning! This will help to clarify what it is that you are trying to achieve. This will bring clarity to your mind. What is your dream? Why? Don’t worry about the how. Let God worry about the how. You just worry about the what. And the why.

  • What is your dream? What do you dream of doing or becoming?
  • Write it down.
  • Answer this question; Why do you want to do/be _____________?
  • Write down simple action steps that you can take every single day to move you towards your dream.

Visualize It

Start visualizing what it would be like to be living your dream life. When you have finally achieved your dream, how would you feel? Would you be happy? Would you feel free? Use your senses when you are visualizing to see, smell, touch, taste, and hear in your visualization. Make sure when you are visualizing that you actually put yourself into the scene.

*If you are not a visual person like me then make a vision board! So much easier I think.*

One good way that I have chosen to visualize my dreams was to make a vision board. That really helped me map out what I want in life. And I placed in directly in front of my desk that way when I am blogging or on my laptop, that I see it every single day! I go over it with my eyes. And when I have quotes posted on my vision board, I say them out loud. I also have affirmations on there, that I say out loud too! Really helps me stay focused!

Here is a pic of my vision board!

My Vision Board

Pray about it

Prayer is just another form of meditation. You are connecting to God/Source Energy/Universe whatever you feel called to call our Creator. I use God because that is how I believe. If you don’t believe like me, don’t sweat it. Just whoever you pray to, if you pray, say a prayer asking God to help you achieve your dreams.

Ask Him if the dream that is on your heart is your purpose. I don’t think God would put a dream in our hearts without it being our purpose, honestly! I think that is His way of showing us what our purpose is. By those nudges that you have inside of you that wants to make something of your life!!

And after you have said your prayer sit there in silence and wait for God to speak to you. Write it down. There are all kinds of good videos out there on how to hear God’s voice. YouTube it! One great source I can give you that has helped me is Terri Sevelle Foy. You can find her site by clicking this link

Write Down Your Action Steps That You Need To Take For The Day

This is one major reason that I keep a planner. I write down everything! From to-do lists to what I am grateful for. Write down your dream. Then write down action steps that you can take to reach that dream. Then break that down even further by writing down what you can do for the month, the week, and then the day.

If that is too much for you, just simply write down something that you can do today to get you closer to your dream! I do this every day. And I have achieved one dream. Now I am working on the other. My dream was to become a blogger! And I have achieved that. But it took action to go from a dreamer to a do’er! And I know that you can do it too!!!

If you make writing down what you can do today a HABIT and actually taking the ACTION STEP that you have written down, you are one-step closer to your dream. And by making this a habit every single day, one day you will be able to reach out & grab that dream. And it won’t be a dream anymore, it will be YOUR REALITY! Just like being a Blogger is my reality now!

Celebrate Your Small Wins!

If you take nothing else from this post, take this! Celebrate your SMALL wins just like you celebrate your BIG wins! If you took action for the day toward your dream, celebrate it!! Because that means that you are closer and closer to your dream! Do it! Write it down. Write down, I accomplished ___________ towards my dream today!!!! And really celebrate it.

Celebrate Your Small Wins!

When you can condition your mind to celebrate the small wins, you are building up that mindset & belief. Use that as momentum to drive you forward. And it will keep you motivated to keep on going!

Trust me this really works! I write down any small wins I have for the day. Whether it’s sharing a new blog post out to the world, or sending a beloved subscriber an email! Sharing my posts on social media. You get the point??

Celebrate your small wins! Share them with someone. That enthusiasm you will feel from doing that will give you the momentum that you need to motivate you to KEEP GOING! By doing this every single day you are one day closer to achieving your dreams!!

One Final Thought

I just have to add this in here. I don’t know if you are a regular reader of this blog or a new reader. If you are a regular, sorry! I know you have heard it a million times if you have heard it once. But when something is good it bears repeating!

Make gratitude a daily habit.

Of all the habits that I have made since learning about the Law of Attraction & Manifesting, this is the one habit that has truly made a difference in my life. I write down every day what I am grateful for that day. I say them out loud. And this act of being grateful makes my vibrations get so high. And while I am vibrating on that high level, that is when I start speaking into reality what I want to manifest.

Below is a pic of my daily gratitudes!!

My Gratitude Journal!!

You can do this too!

Simply start by writing down & saying what you are grateful for that you already have. Then while you have that grateful feeling going, start saying “I am so happy & grateful that I am/have _______.” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To read more on how gratitude has changed my life, I have all kinds of posts on it. You can find some of them by clicking the links provided.

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I hope you have enjoyed today’s post! And I hope it has filled you with inspiration to get started achieving your dreams today! Because we only get this one life to live.

So start today. Get clear on what your dream is. And take action every day! You can do this! I know you can! Break it down to where it doesn’t feel like it is impossible for you! By making your action steps simple and do-able you will achieve your dream!!

What is your dream? Are you taking action towards it? Is there anything that you would like to add to this post that I might have missed? If so, just leave me a comment below. By your comments, you might help someone else and vice versa! We are in this together! So share your knowledge with others!!

If you liked this post and it helped you in any way, share it out!!

Till next time,






I am a Personal Development blogger who blogs about the Law of Attraction, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo. I love teaching about the mindset & helping other people overcome their circumstances & create a life they love.


  1. Hi Amy

    Interesting suggestions here.

    I’ve been blogging for a number of years now and sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated.

    I think for most people, keep repeating the same thing is a problem.

    But one thing that keeps me going is, I set goals for myself each week and try to improve. It keeps me going even after a major failure.


    1. Hi Donna! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog. I have been a follower of yours for a while now. And this makes me so happy to see you over here. Setting goals is something that I try to do too. I find myself slacking at times, but then I just have to give myself a swift kick in the butt to get back going again!! It’s human. And there are always going to be ups & downs in life. But we just have to stick with it. And keep trying!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. I appreciate everything you do in helping other bloggers out there!!


  2. Hi there, I found your blog via Google while looking for a related topic, your website came up, it looks great. I have bookmarked it in my google bookmarks.

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