Motivational Quotes To Help You Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you ever feel like just quitting & giving up on your hopes and dreams? I know I have felt like that a bunch of times. Today I want to share with you some motivational quotes that you might need to hear especially when you feel like quitting or giving up.

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Do you need to hear this today? Some really motivating quotes that will help you keep going when you feel like giving up. Click the link to learn more. And as always there is a video included if you don't feel like reading.

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Why Reading Motivational Quotes Will Give You A Push Forward?

Sometimes you need something to inspire you. Have you ever noticed after you watch a TED Talk how inspired you feel?

Well, that’s why when you feel like giving up, you should search for motivational quotes that will give you that extra push or kick in the pants to keep going.

I know when I look up motivational quotes from other people it’s like it lights a fire under my butt that tells me if they can be successful & live their dreams, then I can too.

What are your hopes & dreams? Are you working toward them? Are you living them now? 

When you think of your dream does it feel so far out of reach?

I know sometimes I feel like I will never reach my dream but one thing I have learned is to actually enjoy the process.

Stop a minute and ask yourself, am I enjoying what I’m doing right now?

It’s a whole mindset thing. That’s why with the right frame of mind you can do anything.

When you can flip that little switch in your brain to KNOW that what you are doing right now is moving you in the direction of your dream it will make it all easier for you.

Motivational Quotes To Help You Just Get Started

Quote about just starting by Mark Twain

Getting started sometimes (most of the time) can be the hardest part of doing what it is you are wanting to do.

Gosh, when I think about all the time I wasted on trying to make sure everything was perfect before I started this blog, I literally cringe.

I could have been so far in my journey if I would have just started when I first felt my intuition guiding me.

I let my “inner critic” talk me out of beginning my dream for so many years.

I had the dream of being a blogger since the 1990s. Yet, it took me all the way up to 2018 before I just jumped.

I literally cringe at how different things could be if I would have started sooner. I know if I would have started way back when (lol) my blog would be hitting way over a million page views now.

But there’s a reason for everything is what I keep telling myself. And it doesn’t do me any good now to look back with regret.

Don’t be late to the game like me.

Just start like yesterday!


Quote about being positive.

When you can flip that little switch in your mind to start seeing everything in a positive way instead of always expecting the worse to happen, your life is going to dramatically change.

This is because you are changing your perspective on life. And you are changing your inner world.

When you can change your inner world, your outer world will start reflecting that.

How To Flip The Switch On Your Mindset

Motivational Quotes To Help You Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up

Quote from Confucius

I can’t count how many times I have wanted to give up on my dream of being a fulltime blogger.

But because I want it so bad, I keep putting in all the time, effort, & work that I need to push me forward.

Even if you feel like you are moving at a snail’s pace on the highway to success, keep going. 

It doesn’t matter how fast or how slow you are putting in the work/action. As long as you keep putting in action on your dream that’s what matters. And that’s what’s going to get you there.

There is no other result UNLESS you give up.

The only result that you will see is your dream/goal.

Because ACTION=RESULTS. The End. Period.

If it’s not moving you forward, change the plan not the dream.

Figure out different action steps that you need to take.                 Quote from Amy Morton

I always revert back to asking myself “Would my higher self give up?”

And when it comes to my dreams, I know she wouldn’t.

I just have to remember to step into my higher self until my higher self is ME all the time.

Make sense?

To read more about the higher self you can find articles/videos below:

How You Can Step Into Your Higher Self

What Are Some Things That I Can Do Right Now To Feel Better

Motivational Quotes When Your Mindset Isn’t Serving You.

Quote from Helen Keller

We are all human. And we can’t be positive all of the time.

That’s why when I’m feeling down or whatever I can’t do my best work for this blog. I can’t write inspiringly like I want to.

I have to do things to bring me out of that funk.

And motivating quotes help so much with that. 

When your mindset isn’t serving you, what does that even mean?

That means that your thoughts are not helping you.

They are not making the situation better, therefore they are not helping you.

So that’s when you need to take matters into your own hands and not let your ego-driven mind stop you from doing what you want to do. 

Your mind is not your friend.

If it was, would you have an inner critic constantly putting you down all the time?

You have to work on your mindset every day.

And if that seems like too much work for you, then you might as well throw in the towel now on your dreams.

Because success only comes to those that freakin put in the work & effort. It’s not luck.

They are always working on themselves first because they know they have to take care of them before they can ever help someone else.

You have so freakin got this.

Learn to change your mindset so that you can use that powerful force in you to help others.

quote from willie nelson

Your mindset is everything.

When you can change your thought patterns you will change your perspective on life.

When you can do that, guess what?

You will start to see opportunity where before you only saw struggle.

You will start to think differently, more positively which in turn will lead you to have positive emotions. 

Then guess what happens? 

Your positive emotions will cause you to take positive action.

Then you will manifest as a result of that positive action, a positive result.

Can it get any better than this?

That’s what I’m talking about people.

That’s why I talk about mindset all the time.

Two things you can do for yourself right now.

Learn about mindset & gratitude.

And I have plenty of posts about both. Because these two things have helped me to change my life so much over the past 5-6 years.

My life has completely done a 180.

I went from complaining all the time.

To changing everything about my life for the better.

If I can do it by changing my mindset & practicing gratitude every day, then you can too. Give it a try. What have you got to lose? 

I hope you enjoyed the article today.

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You freakin rock!

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