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There has to be more to life than what I’m living. Why does everything have to be so hard? When will I just be happy and at peace in my life? Have you ever asked yourself any of those questions? Today I want to take you on a journey with me and my walk of faith.

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There has to be more to life than what I'm living. Why does everything have to be so hard? When will I just be happy and at peace in my life? Have you ever asked yourself any of those questions? Today I want to take you on a journey with me and my walk of faith in seeking spirituality. Click the link for more. Video included.

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Why Am I Writing This Today?

I have been taking a long hard look at my life lately. And my relationship with God. And I felt I needed to write this to you all. Those of you who are on the journey that we all seem to take at one point or another in our life.

The spiritual journey. The wanting of more meaning in your life. The needing to live a life filled with purpose and not just existing.

Does that sound like you?

I remember when I first “woke up” to the fact that I was just existing in life. I wasn’t truly living. I was just working to pay the bills. And existing. And living that life on repeat year after year after year.

Then something started to wake up inside of me- that yearning for MORE.

I think we all have a yearning for a more purposeful life.

My Spiritual Awakening

When I first started on this journey was back in 2012. I have noticed so many other spiritual people online have also woken up in the same year.

This is my journey. And this is my story. So here goes. 

Back in 2012 I was living in a run-down trailer with my then bf. I was working. I was existing. But I wanted more. I needed more to fill me spiritually.

I had always been a believer in Christ. From an early age, I was raised in the church. I had experienced miracles in my life.

Even though I considered myself a Christian, I hadn’t read the Bible all the way thru. So I made a goal of reading the whole Bible in 1 year.

The more I read & studied the Bible the more it touched something inside of me. My heart opened up.

I Had A Vision or Was It Just A Dream? You Decide

At the time, I had been reading/studying the Bible and watching anything I could about Jesus. I subscribed to Pure Flix. And loved to watch anything about the End Times.

Because in the Bible Jesus promises to come back.

One evening I was laying in my bed watching Revelation Road. And I happened to fall asleep while watching it. I think I was asleep.

But this is what happened:

I felt my Spirit descend back into my body and I woke up screaming “Jesus, Jesus!” And had tears pouring down my face. My heart was beating so fast I seriously thought it was going to make me have a heart attack. The hairs on my arms were standing on end.

My screaming Jesus is what brought me out of this trance, dream, whatever it was. And I could remember bits & pieces of what I had experienced.

I had been searching for a bond with Jesus. And signs. And wanting to feel closer to God before I watched that movie.  That’s why I was so intent on reading the Bible. Because I wanted to feel God & know Him. 

The Bits & Pieces That I Remember

This is what happened in my dream or vision or whatever it was:

I remember being outside and there were people around me that I didn’t know. We were all looking up. And all of the sudden I am zooming (not flying but zooming) straight up into the air. I was going so fast that’s why I think my heart was beating like it was.

I was in this stream of light.

And the energy of that light was soooo warm.

And amazing. And all I felt was LOVE.

I can’t explain the love I felt. All I know was that I have never ever felt such a strong feeling of love in my life. And I didn’t want that feeling to end. I wanted more of it.

I remember looking back at the people down below & suddenly I realized what was happening to me. And I started screaming “Jesus. Jesus!”

But in that moment, I got scared.

Even though I didn’t want that feeling of LOVE to go away, I felt like I was leaving my family behind.

The next thing I know, I woke up to a feeling like my spirit had come back into my body. I heard myself screaming. And my heart was beating so fast, I literally thought I was dying. I got up and ran and told my bf what had happened to me and he just laughed it off as a dream because of that movie. Or was it?

To me, this experience was as real as anything that has ever happened in my life.

Just A Taste Of What Is To Come

A couple of days went by and I was at work one night. I worked graveyard shift being a companion to a man with Parkinson’s disease. He was asleep so I took that moment to call my mom and tell her what had happened to me.

After I told her everything that I had experienced she told me Jesus gave you just a little taste of what is to come.

She believed me. And she knew that what I had experienced wasn’t just something I made up. I felt it in my spirit.

It was real.

Later Down The Road

Well, I still kept studying the Word Of God. And doing my best to just live life. My bf at the time was in really bad health and he ended up dying. We were together for almost 6 years. And now I was on my own again.

If you have ever been to this blog then you know my story of struggling to survive by myself and all the things that happened.

When he died and I was on my own again, I hit my rock bottom. And I got so tired of just struggling to survive.

I went on a search for how to make my life better. And I found the Law of Attraction & all the woo-woo.

The Law of Attraction & All The Woo-Woo

With all the things going on in my life. Trying to find myself. Trying to find purpose in my life. I shifted from reading the Bible everyday and watching End Time stuff. To learning about personal development, law of attraction & manifesting.

I learned how to think more positively. To watch the words that come out of my mouth. Death & Life are in the power of the tongue. That like attracts like.

I got excited about life again.

It brought hope to me to know that in some small way that I could control things that go on in my life. And that I could change my circumstances by changing my inner world.

But I never forgot who my Creator was. I never forgot that Jesus saved me.

If anything learning about the positivity of life brought me closer to wanting to learn more about Jesus. 

It’s All In Your Perspective Of Life

I don’t know why I am writing this to you today. I just felt a need.

Maybe someone out there needs to hear this. Maybe it’s you.

If it is, I just want to let you know that you are not alone.

Do you feel doubt creep up when you are learning about the Law of Attraction?

Why is that? Because I know that feeling.

Is it because we are turning away from what we have believed all this time? Is it a new belief? 

What’s wrong with having a new belief system?

To me- nothing.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that we believe in God.

To me, it just makes God more real.

To know that He created this amazing system. And that He gave us free-will. 

And that from that free-will comes consequences.

And it all ties into how we think, feel, act & believe. So, I think learning about the Law of Attraction came to me at just the right time in life. And that it has also opened my mind up to all the possibilities in life.

God gave us free-will so that we can choose what we want to believe.

And I choose God. I choose to love Him with an open heart. And I choose to be as positive a person as I can be. 

This is my spiritual walk.

I don’t know if God is testing my walk of faith. Or what is going on.

There is so much we don’t understand about this life and our world. Our minds can’t possibly comprehend all that there really is to this life.

But one thing I am clear on is that God is in control. We can only control certain things in our life.


  • our thoughts
  • words we speak
  • actions that we take
  • and the beliefs that we have

With Everything Going On In The World Today

It just proves to me that what the Bible says is true. And that we are getting closer & closer to the dawning of a new age. And that Jesus is indeed coming back. So let that give you hope!

Especially now. Don’t let the world fool you. What does your spirit say to you? Do you feel it in your spirit that Jesus is coming back?

And don’t get discouraged if you believe in the Law of Attraction.

Maybe that’s the point I am trying to make clear.

It’s not that I believe in the Law of Attraction as like I believe in God.

That’s what I think people don’t understand (like other Christians who say the Law of Attraction is from the devil. lol.. Really?)

I believe that you can use the LOA as a tool to help your life.. 

As long as you know the Law of Attraction is not your Savior.

It can’t save you from your sins.

Only Jesus can do that.

Whew… What a long post..

I hope this post has helped you in some way. I just felt the need to write this today.

Ok. I’m ready for it. What are your thoughts on this? I know not everyone believes the same. And that’s fine. This is just the way I believe.. Now let me hear how you believe.

Let me know you stopped by. Say hi in the comments.

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Have you ever found yourself searching for more meaning in life. Wanting to live a life full of purpose. I did too. And this is my walk of faith as I seek spirituality. Click the link for more details. This is just my story. Maybe you need to hear this today. Video included.

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    Thank you for writing this it was no coincidence I tan across your blog!! I can relate to this so well !! Are you on fb?

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