Cool New Pages Added To The 2020 Planner That’s Gonna Help You Stay On Track With Manifesting Your Best Life

Wow! I have really outdone myself this time guys! I have added some really awesome pages to the 2020 planner that I am creating for you!! All of it is FREE! So, if you are a #plannerjunkie like me then you are gonna love this year’s planner!!

Hey guys! I am so happy that you are here!!! Welcome to I Heart LOA if you are new here. My name is Amy & I am big into the LOA, Manifesting & all the Woo-Woo!!!

I love creating things for my readers & subscribers.

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This year I made you an awesome new planner that you can print out & place in a binder.

I love planners! I created a 2020 planner for you for free. It is all about the woo-woo life and has stickers to help remind you to do all your self-care! Come on over to check it out!!

It is so freakin cute. And not only that, but it will help you stay on track with your self-care stuff so that you can manifest your best life.. 

And it has stickers!!

Yes, cute stickers as well as functional stickers that you can use in your planner!! They are awesome! Wanna see? Watch the video below! 

Let’s jump into a video!

If you haven’t seen the first part of the planner you can find it by clicking the link below.. kk

Awesome New Planner For 2020

I just had to show you the final pages.

So, now it’s time to combine the PDFs and get it on the blog! That’s what I will be doing this weekend.

It’s done. I just need to upload it to the blog now! I hope you like it, you guys! I worked really hard on it! It’s so colorful!

Here’s What’s Included In The Last Section Of The Planner:

  • 3 pages for your Vision Board W/Prompts
  • 2 pages for Goals: Writing down & reviewing them monthly or daily (your choice)
  • 2 pages for Scripting out your day. (You can print these off as many times as you want!)
  • And finally 9 pages of STICKERS! I love stickers! These are so cute as well as functional! You can print these off on label paper as many times as you want & use them in your planner!

I couldn’t wait to show you what I made for you. I hope you like it. I love doing stuff like this. It helps me to stay inspired & creative.

Although I did buy a Happy Planner again this year, I am going to print this off for myself to use too!

I know this is going to help me stick with my:

  • goal setting
  • affirmations every day
  • and saying my gratitudes!!

Be on the lookout on the Home Page of this blog to grab this planner for FREE.

If you are already a subscriber, I will send the link out in an email to you ok!

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