Privacy Policy

As subscribers and fans of I Heart LOA, I may hold some information about you such as your name and email address. This is a short note that tells you everything you would ever need to know about how I collect, use & store this information.

By information, I am talking about your Contact Information.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about any of this please feel free to email me at


My privacy policy for iheartloa


How I collect information

I use MailerLite & Sumo to manage my mailing list. You will only ever end up on this mailing list if you have signed up for it. Or if you have specifically asked me to place you on it. There is always a unsubscribe link at the bottom of every single email that I send out.

The website provider that I use also has cookies enabled for this site to make sure that your computer (or other device) is recognized when you visit here again.  Here is a little information about cookies All About Cookies .

Who has access to your information

I am the only one that has access to your information. And that is your name and email address. And I never pass on this information to others.

MailerLite & Sumo have secure servers that they store my mailing list on. And they also have their own privacy policies.


How I use your information

I send out regular newsletters which I usually send out every Sunday. Sometimes you might get one more from me during the week if I get excited to send you a deal, discount or giveaway!

This is the sort of thing that you can expect to receive thru my newsletters.

  • inspirational quotes
  • updates on the blog
  • sometimes deals & discounts to products
  • and giveaways


How I store information

Your contact details are stored on MailerLite and Sumo.

I have an excel spreadsheet listing all of my subscribers just in case something happens such as servers going down and information getting lost. And I keep your contact information so that I won’t lose touch with you, my valuable subscriber!

Because it really means a lot to me that you have taken the time out for one to subscribe and for two that you like what I have to say enough to subscribe!

Your Rights As a Subscriber

You have the right to ask me about this kind of information. You have the right to ask that your details be deleted, amended, or transferred at any time.

Also please note at any time that you would like to opt-out of receiving any email from me, that you can do so.

You can contact me directly at or you can unsubscribe from my email at the bottom of any email received from me: Amy Morton (I Heart LOA) by using the UNSUBSCRIBE link.


Note from Me

I value you as a subscriber and I would never in any way, shape or form share your information.

Your privacy is something that I don’t take lightly.

That is why I always use a secure server that encrypts information. I also have an SSL Certificate on this website which protects any and all information.


Any questions or concerns please email me at


Thank you for reading!