An Awesome Way To Quiet Your Mind

Do you find yourself always in your head? Monkey chatter driving you crazy? If so, then I have an awesome guest post for you today that I know is really gonna help.

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Today’s guest post is by Alyssa Fry who frequently contributes to the amazing blog Power Of Positivity which is a very popular blog with over 29 million likes on their Facebook Page.

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Do you find yourself always in your head? Monkey chatter driving you crazy? If so, then click on the link to read how you can learn to quiet your mind.


SSSShhh I’m Quieting My Mind

Some days I spend all alone working yet I feel as if I’ve had at least 5 people talking to me all day long. When I finally quit working, I just want peace & quiet. No one talking to me, no TV, and no video games in the background. Just silence. Awww… now my body can relax.

Wait. I just spent the day alone.

No one was talking to me all day. I only picked up a few phone calls and there wasn’t any TV or video games on.

Why is the silence after I’ve completed working any different than while I’m working?

To put it bluntly, because my brain doesn’t shut up!

With every word I type, my brain is repeating it in a loud voice in my head. 

While it is also reminding me of

  • the groceries we need
  • the bills that need to be paid
  • the yard work to get done
  • and oh my God, I have a doctor appointment tomorrow!

Do you find yourself always in your head? Monkey chatter driving you crazy? If so, then click on the link to read how you can learn to quiet your mind.

I do a repeat performance when I am trying to go to sleep.

Sound familiar?

Did you know that our brains, with our bodies in rest mode, burn 20% of our calories and runs on the equivalent of a 12-watt light bulb? Definitely knows how to do a lot on a fairly low energy source.

Yet, make no mistake, thinking does play a role in tiring you out. It’s not just the calories burned though. It is also the type of thoughts.

If you can learn to both quiet your thoughts and think more positive, you may find that you have an increase in energy and stamina. ~Alyssa Fry

Thinking of things that evoke stress, creates a physiological change as if you are physically experiencing it. So, your blood pressure rises, your breathing quickens, and your heart beats a little faster.

What is quieting your mind?

Your brains will not stop thinking. That is a fact.

It can, however, have no significant attention paid to each thought. You give weight to the thoughts in your head. If you don’t place importance on a thought, it just leaves. Like a breeze flowing through a tree. That is actually what you are aiming to do when meditating or just trying to calm yourself.

One key to letting your thoughts just blow out the windows of the brain is breathing.

Breathing not only quiets the brain, but it calms the body as well. How convenient right? I’m pretty sure that you can breathe anywhere which makes it a double bonus.

Let me show you how easy it is.

Be in a sitting position. It does not need to be in a meditation pose. Just be sitting comfortably with your back straight.

Your back being straight allows air to flow easily through your body.

Now close your eyes and take in slow deep breaths. Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Focus on how the warmth of the air as you inhale through your nose, the feel of your chest rising, and how it sounds as it vibrates against your lips upon exhale.

Your brain is going to act like a small child trying to get your attention at first.

Do you find yourself always in your head? Monkey chatter driving you crazy? If so, then click on the link to read how you can learn to quiet your mind.

That’s ok. Re-focus on your breathing as soon as you are aware of it. Each time, catch yourself thinking and focus on your breathing.

You will find it does get easier and easier each time the more often you practice this breathing.

It does not require a large block of time.

You can do it for:

  • 1 minute
  • 3 minutes
  • 10 minutes or 20.

It’s up to you and your purpose.

Practicing before bed may need 10-20 minutes if your purpose is to help you sleep. When you are at your desk at work or at a stop light in traffic, you can do 3 deep breathes just to calm your anxiety.

If you do this consistently each day, once or twice a day at minimal, you will find that it becomes almost instinctual.

You may find that when a stressful situation arises, you begin the process without any prompting at all.

Breathing a bit too boring for you?

Fine. Then add some visualization with the breathing.

Mentally imagine a place which makes you feel peaceful or happy.

For me it is laying in the grass under a tree, staring at the bright blue sky and hearing birds chirping and water flowing nearby. For others, it is at the beach with the sun warming their skin.

It doesn’t matter where you imagine as long as it’s peaceful to you. 

At this point, you are meditating. Surprise!

Do you find yourself always in your head? Monkey chatter driving you crazy? If so, then click on the link to read how you can learn to quiet your mind.

Now if you want, you can quiet your mind, and then start telling yourself gratitudes or affirmations.

Depends on if you want something else out of this cool new trick of quieting your mind. If not, it’s ok.

You should already be

  • feeling calmer during your day
  • better able to handle stress
  • have more clarity of thought
  • less mentally or emotionally drained
  • and hopefully, sleeping better.
  • (It’s also a great way to quit smoking too.)

Amazing isn’t it! Something we do automatically is the key to all these wonderful benefits and it only takes a minute.

Even you have enough time to try it every day and you will more than make up that minute through reduced time wasted stressing.

Alyssa Fry is a contributing blogger on She is working on her own blog, which she is planning on having up within the next couple of weeks. That blog stems from her previous experience in real estate as an agent in the L.A. area.



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  1. Debbie says:

    I have learned, practice actually does help! When I was able to reach that point of quiet, it was so amazing! I love meditation so much more now

    1. amy says:

      Hey Debbie,

      You are so right. Practice does help when it comes to meditating. The more you make it a habit and do it regularly, the more you are able to go within and find your true self. It helps so much with so many things!


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