The Secret To Creating An Amazing Money Mindset

The Secret To Creating An Amazing Money Mindset

How is your money mindset? Do you focus on what you don’t have? Or what you do have? Let’s get into it! 

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The Secret To An Amazing Money Mindset. How's your mindset when it comes to money? Could it be better? I have made some amazing upgrades to my life this last year and I would like to share with you some things that I have been doing that has really helped my money mindset. Come on over to read more!

I recently took a little trip to Hilton Head Island in SC (that’s in the USA for my International readers) and while there my scarcity mindset reared its ugly head while on a shopping trip.

But thank God for me learning about the Law of Attraction and all that it entails. Because I recognized that I was just feeling scarcity. And I talked myself thru it and let myself feel abundance! I recently wrote a post on my trip if you would like to read it. You can find it by clicking the link My Vacay To Hilton Head

The Secret To An Amazing Money Mindset. How's your mindset when it comes to money? Could it be better? I have made some amazing upgrades to my life this last year and I would like to share with you some things that I have been doing that has really helped my money mindset. Come on over to read more!

Some Tips To Help You Create An Amazing Money Mindset

Ask yourself how can I create a feeling of abundance or wealth every day?

What are some little things that you can upgrade in your life to give you the feeling of wealth?

This is key to creating an amazing money mindset in my opinion. Take little things in your life and upgrade!

  • How about trying a different more expensive brand of coffee for in the mornings or whenever you drink your coffee before work?
  • A high-end makeup pallet. Ditch the pharmacy brand and try the expensive stuff.
  • New designer jeans.
  • Start using your best set of dishes instead of saving it for special occasions.
  • When was the last time you bought yourself new underwear? Girl, buy yourself some beautiful lingerie and every time you wear it, you will feel deserving of it and just better about yourself!
  • Get your hair/nails done
  • Stay at a luxury hotel for a weekend
  • Buy that delicious smelling, expensive perfume

Don’t Upgrade All At Once If You Can’t Afford To

Do it a little at a time. Small changes add up. If you don’t have the extra money to spare right now to buy new things here are a few things that you can do that will still help you to “feel” wealthy or abundant. Because the more you feel good the more you attract good. The more you feel abundant the more you will attract it into your life!

If you don’t have the extra $$$ to upgrade just yet, what can you do?

  • Fix yourself up even when you don’t have anywhere to go. Grab that cute little outfit that you only save for special occasions out and go out browsing the designer shops or even to the mall!  You don’t have to buy anything, but dressing up and being around beautiful things will make you feel like you belong to be there just like everyone else! (Because you totally do girl!!! I have felt that way myself! And I just have to remind myself that I am worthy! And I deserve to have nice things too!)
  • Rearrange your furniture in your bedroom. Make it feel like an oasis and special to you. A place where you can come at the end of the day and just relax and unwind.
  • Take a nice bath. Surround yourself with candles. Use a bath oil or bubble bath to really just relax and pamper yourself.
  •  Make a vision board of everything that you want to upgrade in your life. And keep it somewhere you will see it every single day! And when you do have the extra money for this and that, I want you to start purchasing or manifesting those things into your life! And when you do, put a big fat check mark beside it on your vision board!

The Point Of All Of This Is To Start Off Small To End Up Going Big And Changing Your Money Mindset Forever

Instead of thinking about the absence of the things that you want in your life, try to think of the presence of them. Ok. You don’t want to start off by overwhelming yourself and putting yourself into debt by spending money that you don’t have.

So when you start off changing/upgrading one thing at a time, soon you will get used to the feeling of

  • wearing the high-end makeup
  • drinking the expensive coffee
  • getting your hair done
  • staying in nice places

These things will make you feel a certain way! They will make you feel abundant even when you look at them. That is what you are going for.

It’s the feeling that is going to attract more into your life!!! If you want to be abundant as far as money, this, in my opinion, is really a great way to start!

Some things that I have been doing that has really helped me upgrade my life and my money mindset.

This last year, my life has upgraded in so many ways! And therefore my money mindset has too. Oh lord did I use to have a scarcity mindset. Let me tell ya! I had a scarcity mindset so bad that even to this day (when I thought that I was past that limiting belief,) it will rear its head from time to time!

But other than that happening, this year has been a year of personal growth for me! And I am so proud to say that.

I have upgraded my relationship! I am now in a relationship that I never thought I would have. My bf is the most wonderful man. He treats me so good. And he wants to spend money on me. I am not used to that at all! I am used to having to struggle and survive to get by.

I have upgraded my job! I finally ditched my old job that was so low paying. I could never get ahead. It took every dime I had from that job and then I still had to borrow money just to makes ends meet. I now work at a place that pays me weekly but also gives out raises regularly. I have doubled my income since taking this new job! And I have already been there for 6 months!

I have upgraded my car! My bf bought me a “new to me” car that I just love! It makes me feel so nice riding around in that nice car. I get compliments on it all the time.

I have upgraded my blog! Instead of blogging on Blogger like I was doing, I am now on! Which is the professional way to blog if you really want to be taken seriously! Ditch that free site. It really is worth the extra money to have your own .com Y’all! I am a professional blogger! And that has been a dream of mine for years! And I finally just did it! I am so proud of myself!

I am traveling more and taking vacations now! I would have never done this in the past. Unless it was income tax time and I had gotten a big return. Then it would have just been a 2-night stay to Gatlinburg. And I definitely wouldn’t have spent much money! But just over Thanksgiving my bf and I splurged and instead of staying in a hotel we rented a condo for our time in Hilton Head Island. OMG did that make me feel abundant. The whole time I was there, I felt so grateful and abundant. Being able to walk out on the balcony of our room and hear and see the ocean made me feel rich. And I know I will manifest a beach house for us! It is coming!

The Secret To An Amazing Money Mindset. How's your mindset when it comes to money? Could it be better? I have made some amazing upgrades to my life this last year and I would like to share with you some things that I have been doing that has really helped my money mindset. Come on over to read more!


I have a designer bag for the very first time in my life! I am now the proud owner of a Kate Spade bag. My very first one. But def not my last! I have always had this love of purses. But to actually own a Kate Spade bag truly makes me feel abundant every single time I look at it! And when I carry it around. OH WHAT A FEELING! (Even tho it was bought on Black Friday weekend and we got it for a steal!!! It still makes me feel abundant because of the designer label.


I upgraded my coffee to the pods and use a Keurig! Even something as simple as that makes me feel deserving and abundant. Drinking the good stuff every day sets me up for an awesome start to my day and the way that I feel. When you can upgrade little things in your life and get used to the feeling of abundance/wealth/rich whatever you want to call it, you will attract more and more abundance!!!!

Give it a try and see if this doesn’t really start to help your money mindset!

Each time you upgrade something in your life, it sends a message out the universe that you are worthy of having these nice things! And that just attracts more nice things to you. Start off small so that you don’t let your scarcity mindset talk you out of it. And really work on your limiting beliefs around money!

After doing these things for a little while you will notice that it feels normal for you to buy the more expensive brand of coffee or the high-end makeup. The feelings that these things will give you on a daily basis will add up! And you will learn to adjust to this money mindset. And that will just keep on attracting more and more abundance into your life!

I truly believe that this is the easiest way that I have found to change the story that I tell myself about money. Yes, I am not totally where I want to be yet as far as money goes. But I sure have made some awesome upgrades this year. And can’t wait to see what I upgrade next year!!!!

I am an avid reader! And I get a lot of inspiration from reading amazing personal development & self-help books.

Anything about entrepreneurship or business, then I am reading it! Here is one awesome book that really inspired me to write this post and tell you about all the upgrades that I have made this year. It’s called “Get Rich Lucky Bitch” By Denise Duffield Thomas. And you can buy the book on Kindle right now for $1.99. If you would like to purchase it just click the link. I am not an affiliate of the book btw. Just want you to read this book and take it all in!

Another awesome book that you might like to read is “Unleash Your Inner Money Babe” by Kathrin Zenkina! Looking to learn more about manifesting, then Kathrin is your girl!

What are you going to upgrade first?

And to get you started I have created a FREE PDF called “This Month I Am UpGrading.” Here is what it looks like.


You can get your FREE PDF PRINTABLE by clicking This Month I Am UpGrading It will take you to my Dropbox account where you can download & print off as many times as you want! I hope you like it! This is a good way to document how far you have come in changing as a person & changing your money mindset! It will give you momentum & motivation to keep going!

Let me know you stopped by! I would love to hear what you are going to upgrade first in your life? Or what you have already upgraded in your life!! Are you working on any limiting beliefs around money? Let me know!

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