How You Can Step Into Your Higher Self

We have all heard of the elusive higher self or highest version or yourself. But what does that mean? And how can you step into it?

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What exactly is the higher self? And what are some things that I can do that will help me get into the mindset that is going to help me to start changing my life in the ways that I want it to change? Click the link to learn more. Come on over and let's do this! Let's learn how to step into our higher selves so that we can create an awesome freakin' life!

As always here’s a video for you to watch! We love videos around here! 😉 Scroll down to get your free short planner to help you create a daily ritual.

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*Update: I created this last night for you. It’s a short planner pdf to help you create a daily ritual to start stepping into your higher self every day! That way you can create from your higher self and not your past self. To grab the pdf just click the link below:

2020 Spiritual Journey Planner 6 pages PDF

2020 Spiritual Journey PDF. I created this fast pdf so that you can make a daily ritual to start creating from your higher self instead of creating your reality from your past self. Give it a try and print it off as many times as you want! If you like it share it out!

What Exactly Is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self is just that. It is the highest form of  YOU! It is the purest form of YOU!

For a more detailed definition of the higher self, you can read this post from Learn Religions.

Who Is My Higher Self?

Why Would I Want To Step Into My Higher Self?

Why would you not?

Most of my life, I have lived thru the ego or with a fear-based mentality.  I have lived life with the perspective that life is a struggle. My perspective on life was so tainted by my past experiences that I couldn’t see past it.

I wanted more in my life. I wanted a better life. But I couldn’t figure out a way to get there.

It all came down to the way I was raised. The examples that I saw in my life day in & day out. Not blaming anyone here but you pick up on what is going on around you and you mimic it when you become an adult because it’s all that you know.

I was living in the fight or flight mode. Or survival mode. I was just existing.

I didn’t know that to get where I wanted to go that I would have to go deep inside myself and change ME! And my way of thinking. (It’s all about the mindset!!)

My change didn’t start until I was hitting 40 years old.

Can you begin to imagine all the mindset work I had to do on myself?


I am so glad that I did.

I am so glad that I found this world of self & personal development.

Because the more I learn about myself the deeper I go.

The better my life becomes.

And the more tools I have for coping with stressors when they come up.

And I am learning how to live in thrive mode now! Not survival mode. I want that for you too! 

There are so many different ways you can start to change your way of thinking.

Here are just some basic things that I did when I was first learning to change my mindset.

  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude Practice
  • Reading anything I could get my hands on that was personal development & Law of Attraction (like the Secret and especially The Magic)
  • Following Mentors online
  • Joining groups of like-minded people
  • Taking courses on Law of Attraction, NLP & Life Coaching
  • Watching a million & 1 YouTube videos

Personal development is an ongoing practice.

I do it every day. Sometimes if I don’t have time to do a whole ritual, I will simply do my gratitudes for the day. You can find all kinds of posts about gratitude on this blog.

Here are a few:

How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

3 Easy Ways To Make Gratitude An Awesome Habit

Manifesting With Gratitude My Story

What Are Some Ways That You Can Step Into Your Higher Self?

This is the fun part!

I want you to have fun with this. I want you to make this practice your own. Tweak it until you are excited to do this practice!

You ready? Let’s go!

  • Create An Alter Ego: Name her. What does she wear? What does she do? Who does she hang around? How does she feel? What is she driving? Where does she live? What does her home look like? Visualize the F outta her because she is YOU!
  • Find something or some kind of outerwear that you have to physically place on your body when you need to step into your higher self. – This can be a piece of jewelry or an accessory. A fancy outfit. Something that makes you feel confident and excited about life. It could be going full-on glam with your makeup.

*But I want it to be something that you have to put on (like a ring or glasses even) This clicks a button inside your mind that you are switching over to this confident person & it’s time to take ACTION!  

  • If you are doubting yourself or that inner critic is talking you down, ask yourself this: Would my higher self put up with this? What would my higher self do? Talk to yourself in a way that your higher self would. Do some “I Am” affirmations. These are powerful affirmations that back up what you want to feel.

Remember if someone else has really negative energy around you remove yourself from them! Don’t let their energy rub off on you. Step into your higher self by stating positive facts while they are being Negative Nancy. And above all else:

Protect your energy!

The energy that you put off is what you are going to get back. So protect it.

  • Journal- Ask yourself some questions like- Who am I when I am being my highest self? Like who I am when I am being my higher self in my daily life??  Write it out! The more you start asking yourself questions. The more you will get better at stepping into your higher self.

Set standards for yourself. And boundaries for other people.

Remember to put yourself first in everything that you do. All the decisions that you make. Protecting your energy is not being a bad or greedy person. It just means that you want the best for yourself in this one life that you have to live.

When I started raising my standards in my life you wouldn’t believe the changes that started happening.

I finally am in a loving & awesome relationship with someone that treats me the way I want to be treated.

I treat myself better!

I invest more money in myself now than I ever have in my life. 

I know that money is just energy and that even if I spend it, it will always come back to me..

You have to learn to believe that. But it’s easy to believe because it’s true!

Money always comes back around. Think about that. Has there ever been a moment in your life that money didn’t eventually come back to you??? I bet not.

Here lately I have had more money in my bank account than I have ever had in my life.

And I think it’s due to the fact that I don’t think about money as a struggle anymore, I just know it’s always going to show up.. I expect it to.

And when you expect something to happen it usually does.

Stop thinking about all the worst things that can happen and start thinking about all the best things that could happen. You just have to learn to flip that switch in your mindset that it’s going to allow you see things differently.

Some Awesome Resources For You:

If you are new here then you don’t know about all the awesome mentors that have helped me to change my life. Here is a list of just a few of the people online that have taught me how to change my mindset. They don’t know they are my mentors, well except for one!! lol They have literally helped me to change my life. And I want that for you too!

Kathrin Zenkina- This was one of the very first places I went when I started learning about NLP & the LOA.  Manifestation Babe

James Wedmore- James is amazing! Especially at mixing the woo-woo with business and seeing how it all intertwines. Check out his podcast! I listen to him all the time!  Mind Your Business Podcast

Cayla Craft  Mommy Millionaire   (I am in Cayla’s Millionairess Society and I have had so many breakthroughs listening in on the Live coaching that she does! Cayla is amazing and so smart!! Def check her out) Her podcast, I have been known to binge listen to while at work. Talk about giving it to you straight. You will find no fluff here!

Check out the resources that I dropped for you. Start listening to their podcast on the daily. You will learn so much. And it will resonate with you!

I hope this post has helped you. Let me know you stopped by say hi in the comments.

And share this post out on Pinterest!! I would really appreciate that. Thank you!

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What is the higher self? And how can I learn to step into that "version" of me? There is a constant tug of war being played out in our minds. How do you get past those limiting beliefs about yourself and step into the highest version of you? Click the link for more information. Video included plus a Spiritual Journal for you to print out.

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