The Secret To Manifesting What You Want

How do some people manifest everything they want while others have a hard time? Have you ever manifested something that you wanted? We’re talking manifesting today. So make sure you stick around.

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The Secret To Manifesting What You Want. Manifesting doesn't have to be hard. In this post I will show you how to manifest what you want the easy way! Click on the link to learn more!

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All the other stuff like

  • the visualization
  • the meditating
  • setting your intentions
  • etc

Are all GREAT tools to help you manifest what you want.

But when it really comes down to it, there is ONE major thing that you either are doing or you’re not.

And this one thing is probably what is stopping you from getting the Law of Attraction to work in your favor.

You all know by now if you have been reading my posts or any posts about the Law of Attraction that it is constantly working.

Whether we know it or not. Whether we want it to or not. We don’t have a say in it. But what we do have, is the ability to use it intentionally in our life.

Are You Really Using it Intentionally? Or Are You Just Hoping For The Best?

Once you learn about the Law of Attraction, it’s pretty hard not to want to use it intentionally in your life.

Of course, we all want to manifest a better life.

More money, a nice car, an awesome career or a loving relationship.

All those things are great. And there is nothing wrong with wanting material things in our life to make our life better.

But the main thing that the Law of Attraction does is


So, How Do You Know What Kind of Vibration You Are Putting Off?

You can tell what kind of vibration you are emitting by the emotions that you are feeling at the time.

  1. Are you excited?
  2. Are you sad?
  3. Are you mad?

You get the picture. These emotions that we are unconsciously unaware of are what is attracting the experiences, opportunities, things, people, etc into our life.

Did you know that? I didn’t know that for the longest time.

What you are feeling on a daily basis is what’s attracting things to you.

If you are feeling stuck because your finances are sucking right now, then you are attracting more feelings of stuck.

If you are constantly complaining about being broke, you are unconsciously attracting more LACK into your life!

Now, if people knew this a long time ago, don’t you think there would be fewer complainers in the world?

But, if you are feeling excited or happy, you are attracting more things to be excited/happy about. It works both ways.

If you are being grateful for what you do have, you are attracting more things to be grateful for.

I definitely know about this one because I practice gratitude every single day. I have made it a habit in my life to say what I am grateful for every day. And this has totally brought me all kinds of awesome things to be more grateful for.

I have manifested

  • more money.
  • an awesome, loving relationship.
  • More blogging opportunities
  • my blogging business
  • a chance to be a Life Coach.
  • I have even manifested songs on the radio 3 different times like within 5 minutes of saying it out loud!

Well, then how do you know you are going to manifest anything?

The way you can know deep down if you are going to manifest anything at all is simply to start observing your emotions/feelings on a daily basis.

Watch how you react to other people.

And try your best to cut back on the negative self-talk.

We are all human. I catch myself saying negative things or thinking negative thoughts sometimes. Depending on the situation. But I have started to train myself to observe my thoughts and feelings most of the time now. You can too!

All you have to do is realize that what you are feeling is what you are attracting. If you keep that thought with you, you will be less likely to keep on being negative most of the time.

You can train yourself to start observing your thoughts and CHANGING them.

If something negative comes up in your head, simply put a positive spin on it. .

The main thing to manifesting what you want is to observe how you are feeling. And either change it or go with it!

One of the fastest ways that I have found to get my vibrations where they need to be to manifest anything at all is by practicing gratitude! (you all knew that was coming didn’t you?)

When you are saying what you are grateful for and are in a feeling of gratitude, you can’t help but manifest more things to be grateful for! This is by far the easiest and fastest way that I have found to manifest anything! 

Gratitude is the highest feeling on the vibration scale.

If you can’t feel gratitude at the moment, do something that makes you excited and happy. Dance around your house naked. lol. Turn the stereo up and let yourself just go.

Another way is to when you catch yourself being excited about something that has happened to you.

Or when you are feeling excited or happy (like crazy happy!) go off somewhere by yourself and say “I am sooo happy & grateful now that I am _____________________.”


“I am soooo happy & grateful now that I have _____________.”

Whatever it is that you want to manifest.. Fill in the blank..

And always, always, always say “Thank you” after it!

To Learn more about Gratitude and how it has changed my life forever go read this post.

It is truly eye-opening and it will make sense to you when you read my story; How Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Just remember the Law of Attraction’s one and only job is to match your vibration!

That is it and that is all.

So if you are wanting to manifest abundance or wealth into your life you have to figure out what would abundance FEEL like to you?

  • Would you be happy?
  • Would you be joyful?
  • Would you feel free?
  • Etc.

Start feeling the way you would feel if your manifestation had come true NOW!

If you are wanting to be a successful blogger like me, how would I have to feel in order to manifest that? I would have to feel the feelings of what success feels like to me.

  • So I would be feeling financially free.
  • I would be feeling extremely happy.
  • I would be feeling grateful to God for changing my life around and making it better!

I hope this post has helped inspire you and motivate you to keep on going for your dreams

You don’t have to settle.

You can create your reality.

You can change your life if you are not happy where you are.

Do you study the Law of Attraction? If so, have you manifested anything yet?

I would let to know. Let me know you stopped by. Say hi in the comments!

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There are so many different tips & techniques when it comes to manifesting. Today we are talking about the one & only thing you need to know in order to manifest what you want. Click the link to learn more. Video included.


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