What Are Some Things That I Can Do Right Now To Feel Better

How can I feel better right now? How can I change my thoughts so that I can start feeling happy instead of down? Have you ever caught yourself feeling down about things and you just don’t want to give in to that mindset? I started feeling like that today and caught myself. Keep reading to find out what I did that helped.

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How can I feel better right now? How can I change my thoughts so that I can start feeling happy instead of down? Have you ever caught yourself feeling down about things and you just don't want to give in to that mindset? Here are some things you can do right now to feel better. Click the link. Weekly Challenge going on (videos) PLUS Free PDF Printable Journal.

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What Do You Do When You’re Feeling Down & You Just Want To Feel Better?

I don’t know about you but I started feeling down in the dumps today. I guess with everything that’s going on in the world, it started getting to me.

Where I have been working on my own personal growth & mindset, I was able to catch myself thinking fear-based thoughts.

I realized that I was being reactive to the things going on around me. Instead of being pro-active the way I want to be.

Why Do I Want To Be Pro-Active With The Way I Think & Feel? And Why You Should Too.

When you are being pro-active in your life, you are the one in control.

You can make your day more productive and have it flow the way YOU want it to.

Or you can just react to everything that pops up.

When I first started diving into personal development I wanted to start meditating to feel better & start changing the way I think.

The first couple of times was really hard for me to just sit still and not do anything.

But the more I actually sat there, the more I would have these random thoughts pop up.

One day, I realized that when having these thoughts, they really didn’t mean anything. And that I was actually the observer of the thought. I wasn’t actually thinking it. Does that make sense?

When you realize that you are the observer of your thoughts then you can decide whether to engage with that thought or to let it pass on by you.

This is great when you are wanting to learn how to have a positive mindset.

Because it lets you know that you can be in control of the things you are thinking about.

You can engage with the thought & let it bring up emotions in you. Or you can not engage with it and let it float on by.

What I Did That Helped Me Turn My Day Around & Start Feeling Better About Everything?

  • First I recognized how I was thinking & feeling wasn’t helping me at all. I asked myself how is having these thoughts helping me today? Are they helping me or hurting me? And of course, the answer was they weren’t helping me at all.
  • I also asked myself: Is what I’m believing on right now reflected in the life I am wanting to create for myself? And of course, the answer was no. Are the goals that I am trying to manifest are they being created with the thought process that I was having at that time? NO Big NO! This is when I knew that I had to step back & ask myself questions to pull me out of this fear-based thinking.
  • Then I asked myself, what can I do to turn these thoughts/feelings around? When I realized how I was feeling wasn’t helping me have the day that I wanted to have, I went off to my bedroom to be by myself for a few minutes. I knew that if I started saying some gratitudes that I would automatically start feeling better. And so that’s what I did.
  • I also threw in some power affirmations. What are power affirmations? They are affirmations that start with “I am.” When you put I AM in front of your affirmation, you are breathing life into it. You are bringing it into your existence. You are speaking it over your life.
  • Ask yourself questions or using prompts will help you. I promise it will. This is the best thing you can do for yourself when it comes to mindset stuff. Question everything & keep on questioning things!!


Your mind is NOT your friend

You have a relationship & a partnership with your mind, but you are the one in control You tell it what to think. And therefore that controls your feelings. Which in turn controls your actions..

So, it’s:

Thoughts=Emotions=Action=What you manifest into your reality. 

When you can get that equation drilled into your head, you will start changing your whole perspective on life.

What Can You Control In Your Life?

You can control your:

  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • actions

With everything going on with the COVID-19 Pandemic that is affecting the whole world, now is the time to strengthen your mindset.

I am currently doing a week-long video challenge. This challenge is to help us keep our mindset positive while this is going on in the world. 

We are doing our:

  • Gratitudes- saying what we are grateful for every day
  • Affirmations- saying out loud power affirmations to take our power back from our mind so as not to fall into fear-based thinking.
  • Goals- Saying our goals or writing them down. The goals we are currently working on that we want to manifest. This way we are holding each other accountable. And uplifting each other.

The reason why I am doing this?

I am making this week-long challenge to help uplift people’s spirits. We need it so much in our world right now.

Can you imagine the fear being sent out into the Universe that this pandemic has caused? I do not want that reflecting back to us. 

I know if we come together and work on our own mindsets, we can help other people to not be afraid.

And to realize that God is in control & that God has got this!

We can only control what we can control.

It’s time to come together and lift each other up.

Be there for your neighbor. Be there for people in need. Now is the time..

I am so happy to see the citizens of my country stepping up to help other people.

By doing this challenge, this is one way that I can do my part. And I know it’s not much. But for now, it’s a start.

And I will do as much as I can to help not only people in my country but in the whole world.

By donating my time, money & whatever else I can do.

What are you doing while this is going on?

Are you giving into the fear-based mindset? Or are you sticking with your personal growth & working on it?

What are some things you can do to help other people while this is happening?

Check out this post for ideas: How You Can Help During the COVID19 Outbreak

And for uplifting news:

Coronavirus Care: Amazing Acts Of Kindness During a Pandemic

Here is a Journal w/Prompts That I Created For You To Help You Take Action On Your Goals.

Here is your link to grab your copy of the journal I made you for this challenge.

Weekly Challenge Journal w/ Prompts

Free PDF Printable Journal w/Prompts to help you with goal setting. This goes to the weekly challenge going on over on the blog. We are keeping our spirits lifted during this time. Make sure to join us! Click the link to find out more.. Videos included. To Find The Videos From The Weekly Challenge I Have Moved Them Here: Goal Setting & Action Taking Weekly Challenge


I hope you enjoyed the post & video. Remember to click the link above to watch the challenge videos.

Follow along or participate, it’s up to you.

Let’s uplift each other up & get our mindsets strong during this time.

Don’t forget I will have you a PDF Printable Journal that you can use while doing the challenge.

Here’s the link for that! It’s awesome 😉

Weekly Challenge Journal w/ Prompts (Google Drive)

Share this post out if you feel called to do so..

How can I feel better right now? How can I change my thoughts so that I can start feeling happy instead of down? Have you ever caught yourself feeling down about things and you just don't want to give in to that mindset? Here are some things you can do right now to feel better. Click the link. Weekly Challenge going on (videos) PLUS Free PDF Printable Journal.

Not just for me & this blog. But for other people that need to get out of that fear-based thinking.

Let’s get a movement started!!

Or if you are another blogger like me, write up your own post about some things you can do to keep your mindset strong.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all collaborate right now and spread this message all over the world?

To reach as many people as possible while this pandemic is going on. And to help them start writing down what they are grateful for & strengthening their minds during this time?

We have to stay strong in our FAITH. Now is not the time to give in to fear.

Alrighty guys. That’s all I’ve got for you today.

I hope you will come back and participate in the challenge. I would love to support you in any way that I can. 

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