Why Writing Down Your Goals Are Important

Why Writing Down Your Goals Are Important

Writing down your goals. Why is that important? And what can you do to help yourself stay on track with your goals and not get stuck in the day to day tasks? 

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Why Writing Down Your Goals Are Important. In today's post, we are talking about why it's important to write down your goals if you wish to attain them. When you write them down and review them every day you are one step closer to making them a reality. Come on over to the blog to read more!


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Hey guys! And welcome to I Heart LOA. My mission with this blog is to help keep you inspired & motivated to go for your dreams! And setting goals is a big part of that!

Why is setting goals important first of all?

Setting goals are important because this is the first step to taking action to achieve your dreams! The very first step! So you want to really think about what is important to you in your life? Your career? Your family? Your time? ETC.

Why Is Writing Down Your Goals Important? In this post you will learn why writing down your goals and reviewing them on the daily is important if you ever really want to actually achieve them.

When you decide to set a goal for yourself you are literally manifesting! You are bringing the INVISIBLE into the VISIBLE by dreaming about it. You are taking something from the Spiritual Realm (where you can’t see it) and bringing into the Physical Realm!

So decide what you want to make as a goal. What is your dream? What do you want to do/be? And write it down!

Why is writing down your goals important?

Seeing your goals on paper or digital (however you decide to keep up with them) helps you to “see” and plan your way to your dreams!

So start by writing down some goals that are important to you! Write down as many as you want. And then go back and pick the ones that are the most important to you! I usually pick the top 3!

One thing that I advise to do is to use the SMART method. Which stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound.

Why is using the S.M.A.R.T Method good? By using this method you are setting a goal that you can actually attain! You are making it measurable. That means that you can celebrate the small wins along the way to your BIG WIN! And doing that will help you gain momentum! And give you the motivation that you need to keep putting in the action that it takes to attain your goal! To read more on the Smart Method just click here.

Celebrate Your Small Wins! Just like you celebrate your big wins in life! This will help you build momentum and keep the motivation going to go for your dreams! Come on over to read the whole post! You can do this!


So let’s recap a little here!

  1. Decide what you want your goal to be. This will give you clarity! And help you to focus on one thing at a time. Even if you pick your top 3, get even more specific. Pick one out of that top 3 to focus on until you have attained it. Then go to the next one!
  2. Write down the goal that you have decided upon. Focus on this one thing! Don’t go on until you have attained this one goal first! Did you use the SMART Method? Is it measurable so that you can celebrate your small wins?

What Do I Do After I Have Written Down My Goal?

You bought the planner. You have written down your goal that you want to accomplish! Now what do I do?

You need to make sure that you don’t forget about it! How can you keep from forgetting about it if it is your dream? Oh, it’s pretty easy to write down goals and then get busy with LIFE and forget to review them!

Find a trigger! This will help you remember to REVIEW your goals! 

What does that mean? A trigger is something that will force you to remember to do something. Kinda like the IFTTT app. I love that app by the way. You set up a trigger. Say when I post a pic to my Instagram it automatically “triggers” my applet in IFTTT to go off and send the pic to my Twitter Feed too! Isn’t that cool? I love it! Btw if you are interested, you can find that app here  IFTTT

So by setting up a trigger for yourself, it clicks something in your brain that makes you remember that oh I need to review my goals for today!

Take Action Every Day Toward Your Goal

YES! You have to do the work! Take action every single day to get you closer & closer to your goal until one day you are there! You did it! You actually achieved your goal! I knew you could!

How do I start? What do I do? This is too hard! Wah! BS. The only reason that it is hard is that you are making it hard! It doesn’t have to be hard. We make things way harder than what they have to be! OK Ok I know I’m being a brat now! lol. ( And btw, I am talking to myself as much as I am to you! I have to motivate myself to do these things too, so you are not ALONE!!!)

Let me help you put it into perspective! Ok, You have got this!!! Think of it when you are wanting to use the Law of Attraction intentionally in your life.. What do you do with the LOA?

  • You decide on what you want!
  • You ASK God/Source/Universe (your higher power) for it
  • You BELIVE that it is coming to you
  • You visualize it. (Make a vision board of your goal to go along with writing it down!)
  • Take the inspired action that you need to take. Every day in every way! (I made a rhyme! Oh I’m so special) What do you NEED to do today that will get you closer to your goal???
  • And then you make yourself open to receive! Open your mind up to the possibilities that you are going to attain or accomplish this goal! Know that you can do it! It will come to you!

My Biggest TakeAways From This Post

Here are some key points that might help sum up this post for you.

You can dream all that you want to. But until you actually start putting in the work and doing something about it, those goals that you have will just stay dreams.

When you take action is where it all starts to change and become real to you!

Take action. It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be small action each and every day. And as you start to take action to reach your goals, you will start to see changes around you. The Universe will start to mirror the vibrations that you are putting out!

And your life will start to change.

The more you focus on something (like your goal for instance) the more that it expands. The more you focus on one thing at a time, the more you will be able to achieve! Stop multi-tasking. Stop procrastinating! (AMY!!!) and start doing! Yes, make plans! Def make plans, but actually do something about it too!

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I hope you have enjoyed this post! I really think it all comes down to mindset. If you can open your mind up to the possibilities that you can do it! You can achieve your goals/dreams. You have to believe in yourself. Do the work & know that it will all be worth it in the end. If you enjoyed this post, sharing is caring!! Then share it with someone that needs to read it today!!

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Why writing down your goals are important? Research shows that people who write down their goals and review them daily are more successful in life. Click the link for more info. Video included.

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